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Sunday, October 23

"They knocked my towers down. So I was ready to go."

Gotta get this off my chest. Again.

Think about all the young men and women who enlisted after 9/11/01. They were angry and they wanted to kill the bad guys who attacked us. The president told us it was Osama bin Laden and something about the taliban and al qaida. Off they went to Afghanistan to blow up the country that already looked like rubble to me.

Osama bin Laden was allowed to escape from Tora Bora. Later on, the president when asked about OBL said that he didn't give much thought to OBL anymore. Oh that's nice. No wonder so many Americans buried their heads in the sand. They didn't want to believe what they were hearing.

No one on the homefront was asked to sacrifice after 9/11. When I read that it was Saudis who attacked us shortly after 9/11, I felt that we should let them eat sand and drink their stinking oil. I assumed that most Americans would quit buying gas guzzlers and use less oil to send a message to those thugs. No. I was wrong. Americans bought bigger and bigger vehicles sucking gasoline like there was no tomorrow making us more dependent on fossil fuels in the mid east. WTF?

Meanwhile the evil devilworshipping cabal (dick cheney et al) was working on Iraq, fixing evidence, illegally moving funds from the Afghan war to fund the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Why we needed to blow up the country in order to take out the dictator is still a mystery to me. Well, not really. We destroyed and/or allowed looters to defile ancient treasures and disrupt the lives of millions of Iraqi's.

Imagine that our troops were fighting for a democracy over there and all they got was a stinking Islamic state? They rushed into an undeclared war, underequipping the troops and dragging reservists and guardsmen out of their jobs on the homefront as if the US was about to be blown up... meanwhile Korea was threatening to nuke us and we hardly gave them a nod.

Every time someone tells me that Saddam was a bad man and needed to be taken out, I feel like smacking them upside the head as I recite the list of worse dictators and worse regimes who murder their own who are friends of the bushistas. Terrorists? I think our country ranks up there with terrorist states now. Shock and Awe? Give me a break.

The troops, like the Vietnam era vets are coming home in shock and awe. They are poisoned with depleted uranium, are welcomed by a country who thinks the war was a sham (although we support our troops by slapping chinese made magnetic ribbons on our guzzlers), they lost their jobs if they were in the NG or the reserves and 1 in 6 (reportedly) are suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome). Many are blowing their brains out when they get back from Iraq even if they aren't mangled.

The young soldier in the picture, a Long Island boy who enlisted on 9/13/01, was the epitome of heroism and his photo was slapped all over the news. ( See Today's Newsday article about Joseph Dwyer, former hero) Now he suffers from delusions and extreme PTSD and is a danger to himself and others. He lives in El Paso which reminds him of Iraq. He believes that the Iraqi's are trying to get him. He was raised a Catholic and now attends a Baptist Church in Texas, which if you ask me, adds insult to the injury. He was in a standoff in El Paso not long ago thinking he was under attack. Fortunately he didn't kill anyone locally.

To this day, over 160,000 Vietnam vets are receiving disability for PTSD and more have committed suicide than were killed in combat. 13,500 veterans from the first Gulf war and 10,000 Korean War veterans are still being treated for PTSD. It is considered wussiness to admit that you are suffering from PTSD if you are in the military so many troops are not seeking help. The sooner they ask for help, the more likely they are to recover from PTSD.

Anyone who supports this war and isn't fighting in it can kiss my ass and I am not afraid to tell them so. No, there is nothing that they can do stateside to support the war effort other than to commit suicide.

We are fighting them over there- Remember? So get your asses over there and send back the boys who were tricked into fighting your dirty, stinking, money grubbing, evil get rich quick scheme. Die for it, if it means so much to you.

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