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Monday, October 17

Slam Dunk Disaster For Sale

We already know that this administration paid one journalist to promote the No Child Left Behind lie. Did they pay another one to promote the causes for going to war? Would it surprise anyone if they did?

Now let’s take our next span of attention to this piece from the Washington Post (Link)

April of 2004

"As the war planning progressed, on December 21, 2002, Tenet and his top deputy, John McLaughlin, went to the White House to brief Bush and Cheney on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, Woodward reports.

"The president, unimpressed by the presentation of satellite photographs and intercepts, pressed Tenet and McLaughlin, saying their information would not "convince Joe Public" and asking Tenet, "This is the best we've got?" Woodward reports.

"According to Woodward, Tenet reassured the president that "it's a slam dunk case" that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction."

That now infamous "slam dunk" comment has been interpreted to mean that Tenet meant that he had more information to convince the president that Iraq had WMD. No it wasn’t. I believe what he meant was that it would be easy to convince the public. He had the ways and means to make a convincing case to "Joe Public". He would do something that would make the public believe the lie, and he succeeded with his mission. He whipped up his magic potion of lies but he needed someone to promote it.

What did he do? Did he discombobulate the truth? Did they decide they needed someone to do a public relations job to sell the war? They made up Collin Powell’s presentation before the UN and put in so much junk that Powell himself tossed out some of it because it was just too unbelievable. What did he toss out? How much farther did they go in their fantasy for war?

When it looked like they weren’t convincing as many of the Joe Publics as was needed, there was only one thing to do, just declare war. Drop the bombs on Iraq, kill civilians and do it fast. Do it before the military was even prepared. Do it with way less planning and troops and armor than was needed. Just do it fast before Joe Public realizes he has been fed one of the biggest lies in history. Do it before someone listens to what the weapons inspectors were saying in their reports. Joe Public wasn’t listening; he was instead complaining about the Dixie Chicks and he had that flag wrapped around his head so tight he couldn’t hear much except when he wanted to hear. Joe Public heard only Sept. 11, 2001 and Iraq. They added those two together and found a cause to go to war.

Now, almost four years later they finally yanked the damned flag off their ears, forgot about the Dixie Chicks and they see it just as freakin’ plain as we do. The Suckers Have Been Had. Hell yes they know it, whether they admit it or not. That’s why they troll the left wing websites. They are mad as hell now that they have been played like a cheap drum. So rather than admit it and get pissed at those who played them, they attack us for being correct all along. They are the angry husband coming home after a bad day and slapping his wife around. Not brave enough to deal with his real troubles but mad enough to take it out on someone who did not cause his problems.

Now if all of this isn’t driving the Right nuts enough, the man they have blindly and insanely defended for five years turns around and nominates Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court and basically tells his supporters to go straight to hell. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.

Meanwhile the war goes on, and on badly. That war that was sold on pure lies is killing people by the thousands. People are dying every day.

How do you sell a war? Maybe by advertising it in the newspaper, but print ads cost money. Did this administration pay for a print ad in the New York Times? Who wrote the ad? The ad was successful, it sold. It sold us a war based on lies. Where is the outrage? Where is the buyers remorse? One thing is for sure, it was a slam dunk disaster for America.

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