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Thursday, October 20

No Crime, Criminal or Crony Left Behind

The more we learn, the more we realize it’s all been a tragic farce. From the day the Supreme Court shut down the Florida recount until today, it’s all been so wrong.

Before September 11, 2001, george bush’s ratings were not good. People were realizing that he wasn’t what he had been sold to be. At that time he looked similar to what Harriet Miers looks like today. Someone without the necessary goods to do the job.

In many ways the losses of that murderous day in 2001 saved george bush’s political life. One must wonder what would have been his fate had those attacks not occurred.

Then there was the day he stepped upon the rubble of almost three thousand lives with a bullhorn and leaned on the shoulder of a fireman. He made his most surely scripted response to that most surely scripted statement, and somehow the people of the United States were seduced. They wrapped the American flag around them and snuggled up to their war president. This was the knight on the white steed who would ride out and avenge the wrongs and pain they had suffered. This man, george bush, would take care of business. We would show those bullies. The lesson was don’t mess with the U.S. because we have a “Don’t Mess With Texas” kind of gunslinger and he was hungry for retribution.

So off our military goes to Afghanistan to fight the devils who had planned the 9-11 attacks. The Taliban took a beating, but the man who is accused of masterminding the attacks slipped quietly away. He went from being wanted dead or alive to not mattering all that much anymore.

The war president had achieved his glory with this little war, but the glory was beginning to fade. He needed another, bigger war, the one he had dreamed of. So, while the United States was still basking in the afterglow of Afghanistan, a new war was planned. Never mind that there was no necessity or urgency for this war. That wasn’t going to get in the way. Criminals and cronies would take care of the details, even if some crimes might be required. Meanwhile, those still sipping cocktails and smoking cigarettes in the bliss that was Afghanistan would believe anything their caresser told them. And, the crooks and cronies gave him plenty to tell his adoring masses.

Three years later that war goes on, but the sensual afterglow has worn off. The citizens have awoken to find their rubble pile seducer has abandoned them. He’s moved on and left them tired and with a feeling of being used. He robbed their wallets and sneaked away into the dank and dreary night. All he left behind is rumpled sheets and an empty glass. The air in the room is stale and it reeks of something strange.

Now, with the realization of their seducer’s use of crimes, criminals, and cronies, the public feels disgust. Many of them want their seducer brought to justice and they want him to pay for what he has done to them. Sadly, there are others who cannot admit their fate. They can’t admit or are too ashamed to acknowledge what has been done to them. They continue to believe he will return. They believe every word he told them. They believe he has only borrowed the money from their wallets. They believe they are worthy of his affection. After all, he promised he would never leave them behind.

But, he has left them behind. He had his fill of them. Oh sure, he may return sometime when he is desperate, but for now all he needs are his crimes, criminals and cronies. He can’t afford to leave them behind, because they are his only prowess.

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