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Sunday, October 23

News that fall through the cracks. Thanks MSM!

This past monday, Oct. 17, in New York City, there was a civil disobedience, conducted by " Grandmothers Against War" They are the same ladies called "Grandmothers for Peace" prior to the launching of the War in Iraq.

This courageous group of grandmothers ages 49 to 90, went to the Recruiting Office in Times Square, to enlist in the Armed Forces under the rationale that "we lived a long, prosperous life and by enlisting we can relieve some of our young soldiers from Iraq and give them a chance to live just as we lived".

As they arrived to the Recruiting Office, the recruiters didn't want to enlist old ladies in the Armed Forces, so they locked the entrance door and hid behind their desks.
The grandmothers rang the doorbell repeatedly, but the marines were too scared to show their faces.

The ladies thought: "if they are so scared of us, can you imagine how scared the insurgents would be in Iraq?"

The recruiters don't want to face gays and grandmothers at their office. The protesters set down on the sidewalk blocking the entrance to the Recruiting Office; the hardest thing they had to do with their worn joints.

Eighteen of them were arrested, jailed and booked and to the credit of Mayor Bloomberg (who is due for re-election) the cops were very nice to the grandmothers. They even help them up from the pavement, gingerly.

They were released from jail after four hours. They promised to return every wednesday to Rockefeller Plaza in protest of the War, until the troops come home.

You go ladies!

PS. Next week if indictments are handed out, regardless how many senior administration officials are indicted, it will throw this country in turmoil and constitutional crises. Let's celebrate putting the American Flag out. It can't be worst than three more years of this administration. After all it's Fitzmas season.

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10/14: this post has been re-edited for accuracy.

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