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Thursday, October 13

More Televised Propaganda

Earlier today I mentioned in the comments that bush was on the television speaking via teleconference call to some "troops" in Iraq. It seemed so staged and so bogus that it made me ill and very squeamish. It also made me feel rather hopeless because today's so called "media" would even air this nazi-esque propaganda. If the media was fair and free, they would have cut away from the bullshit and resumed discussing the imminent indictments against this administration for bringing our country into this disastrous cluster-fuck from hell known as the War On Terra™ which is responsible for killing more innocent people than not.

The AP has a story now online declaring that the teleconference was staged, which in and of itself is not news or shocking to those who haven't drunk the fascist Koolaid, but the fantastic story of how it was all choreographed is in the article as well as the revelation that those weren't just troops, but captains. Naturally the robotic Scottie Mac told reporters later that the "troops" were expressing their own opinions. Yeah, right. Like the troops are allowed to express their own opinions on television when speaking to the president.

Welcome to the nazification of America.

UPDATE: When I posted this last evening, I wasn't aware that this scripted event was the talk of the cable news yesterday. I had turned off the TV close to the end of the propaganda totally pissed off that it seemed so staged and artificial. It felt like we were living under a dictator and was terribly disturbing to this dumb, but not so stupid blonde. I had given up on the news altogether yesterday because it never should have been aired in the first place. Sure, the media made up for it by making fun of the event all day (which I missed), but they didn't realize that a great number of us got fed up and turned of the TV.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Thanks to reader, Retank, the Bush Beat Blog at the Village Voice, a favorite of mine, points out that the woman on the bottom left in the photo-op is (Flack)Master Sgt. Corine Lombardo, 42nd Infantry Division Public Affairs, whose job it is to make everything look peachy keen. Check it out.

A good friend of mine, who I am currently on the outs with is good friends with a Marine PA guy. These people are dangerous and the sources of disinformation. Sure, it's their job to serve the country and I appreciate it, but when innocents on both sides are dying because of the hard work of the spinners, aka public relations personnel, it's simply reviling.

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