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Tuesday, October 18

Lady Justice and Her Big Momma-Sized Sword

So the sword of justice just may be pointing at Vice President Cheney’s office. Shouldn’t it also be pointed at bush’s office? Did bush know what was going on? If he didn’t, he should be fired for negligence.

Bottom line here, they cooked up a plan and lied to America to get us into a war of choice. I think they should be charged with “conspiracy to obstruct justice”, Lady Justice, that is. Justice has been held hostage by this administration for a long time.

Someone please take the handcuffs off this grizzled old Lady and give her her freedom. You know she’s rarin’ to go, if she could only break free. No woman likes unjust confinement and lots of us get real cranky when we’re held back. Lady Justice is no different. Set her free and watch her roll right up to the white house. She’ll yank the doors right off the place. She’ll march up to the Oval Office and she will damned sure take some prisoners. She hasn’t had any action for a long time now, so once she gets started she’s gonna be one bitch to contend with, she and her big momma-sized sword.

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