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Friday, October 21

Judging Judges Judiciously

This morning Tom Delay’s lawyer objected to the judge who was assigned to the case because the judge had donated money to Delay’s lawyer feels the judge would be biased against Delay.

Yet the Republicans want us to believe that bush’s nomination for the Supreme Court, who has also been his personal lawyer and friend, would not come to the bench with a conservative bias.

A little something I just heard about Harriet. You know those little courtesy calls she’s making to each Senator? Well, they have stopped the visits because things were going so badly. Guess HairYet isn’t very good with, well, people.

Lets begin guessing how many days it will be until we hear that dear Harriet wants to withdraw her name from the nomination and withdraw her body from Washington in order to spend more time with her...her...her...her makeup mirror and greeting card collection.

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