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Tuesday, October 18

Journalism and my new worst friend Wilma

There’s a great piece in the LA TIMES.

This is about journalism, and two of the more famous journalists. It all stems from the two new movies, "Good Night and Good Luck" and "Capote". It’s a compare and contrast piece on journalistic style with some wisdom thrown in too.

The movie about Edward R. Murrow is not playing anywhere near my town, but I sure do look forward to seeing it when I have the opportunity.

By now you have heard about hurricane Wilma. If she stays on the track she is now on, she should be at my house this weekend in her size one category. The only Wilma I think I’ve ever known was Wilma Flintstone. I can still hear Fred yelling, “WILMA”, at the beginning of each cartoon comedy episode. I always thought it was funny, but I don’t feel like laughing today. Damn you, WILMA!

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