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Tuesday, October 25

J.J. Conducts Another Press Conference

From ABCNews:

The White House on Tuesday side stepped questions about whether Vice President Dick Cheney passed on to his top aide the identity of a CIA officer central to a federal grand jury probe.

Pressed about Cheney's knowledge about the CIA officer, McClellan said: "I think you're prejudging things and speculating and we're not going to prejudge or speculate about things."

Excuse me, cocksucker McClellan, but why did you not have this same attitude about "prejudging things and speculating" BEFORE sending thousands of Americans and Iraqis to their deaths? I take it your attitude has changed from when you were shooting off your cocksucker and trying to make us believe Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

One final question, cocksucker McClellan: To whom do you give the best head? Bush? Or Cheney?

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