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Friday, October 28

In This Week's Episode of Fuck the Poor....

The Senate gave a rousing "Fuck The Poor" to the elderly and disabled by voting to cut Medicare and Medicaid spending over the next 5 years by a measly $10B. If they would quit the war in Iraq, imagine how much could be spent helping our least brethren in this oh so (not) christian country. In typical party politics that have nothing to do with the actual human beings that live in this country, the committee's 11 Republicans supported the legislation. The committee's nine Democrats opposed it.

Now here's justice: The new Patriot Act terrorism law would allow smaller juries to decide on executions and give prosecutors the ability to try again if a jury deadlocks on sentencing. Why don't they just shoot suspected terrorists and save the money? (snark)

Bush let his more articulate brother take the fall for the FEMA failures in Florida. Senior citizen communities are being ignored. Shameful. (speaking of Florida, when is Pissed Off Patricia going to be able to get back online?)

The most disgraceful and nauseating news this week were the reported 3Q earnings of big oil. With so much havoc after the hurricanes, people losing their jobs and homes while reconstruction jobs going to illegal aliens, Exxon Mobile reaped 75% growth and ConocoPhillips profits soared 89% in the 3Q. This is very good news for the stockholders and big "Fuck You" to those who have to pay for it (if they can afford it).

But the Republicans are still soft on treason unless it's a Democrat being accused.

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