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Sunday, October 23

Halloween Special Series: Spooky Stuff

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Speaking of spooky places... a few years ago when I was being a photographer, I had a gig at the abandoned Pilgrim State insane asylum. Hundreds of great photos were taken at the complex because most of it was in ruins. After being chased down by a scary man in a pickup truck who accused us of tresspassing, the attractive 21 year old blonde who was the leader of the band I was shooting, gave the man her CD and charmed him. We then asked him if it was ok that we shoot her new album cover in the scariest place on the complex and could he direct us there. He told us of an old building which was presently being dismantled. He mentioned that the workers there dubbed the place "resident evil". He wasn't kidding. I had never believed in ghosts before that day. (that is not sunlight in the photo below)

Got a ghost story?

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