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Wednesday, October 19

Good Morning?

First bit of news I heard this morning was that hurricane Wilma is now a category 5 and perhaps the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin.

First words out of my mouth this morning were, "Oh F—K"!

Then it’s the Saddam trial delayed tape on TV. You need only about five minutes of that before you realize it’s sure not mind blowing. It’s tedious.

See, here’s the deal. I’m so very much against the death penalty, I don’t care who it is, that I can’t tolerate the thought of putting someone to death against their will. Yes, yes, I know Saddam was the worst kind of person, but I can’t watch him speak and think about him being executed. I just can’t. Maybe someone dropped me on my head when I was a baby and as a result some part of my brain was damaged, because I can’t get angry enough at anyone to have any part in their death. I know, you’re going to hit me up with what would I do if someone was trying to kill me. You’ll say would you kill in self defense or if someone was about to harm a family member? (let’s include my pets as family members) My answer is real simple, I just don’t know. Thank goodness I have never been in that position and I surely hope I never am.

There has been some talk of televising Saddam’s execution. I will not watch under any circumstances. That is macabre at the very least. Personally, I think it’s sick and disturbing that anyone would want to watch such a thing. I know public executions may be the norm over there, but I’m not over there.

So far this day is very ominous.

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