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Tuesday, October 25

Enough Already! Redux

God is punishing the northeast once again since the 9 days of floods and rain we had recently didn't seem to do the trick... homosexuals still live here, you know.

But boy, is my grass green. The 60 MPH winds are blowing leaves off the trees that didn't even turn colors yet. In the inland elevated areas, a lot of heavy snow is expected. So much for leaf peeping this year. This is a superstorm they say- like the one they made the movie about- Perfect Storm. I have never considered a nor'easter a perfect storm- More like a pain in the neck. If I'm not online today, it's because our power and/or our cable is out. It was out overnight and came back. Keeping fingers crossed.

In other weather news, Bill O'Lielly declared last night that the tsunami was caused by global warming! LOL. Via Crooks and Liars Wait. Excuse my french, but... what a fucking stupid idiot he is. Was he sleeping during science class? Does he ever actually watch the news? His father didn't beat him enough.

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