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Friday, October 28

Can We Open the Fitzmas Presents Yet?

The information from Fitzgerald's office.

10:30PM I just heard on the television that Karl Rove is "Official A" Stay tuned.

Late Day News: David Addington
Raw Story Reports: "David Addington, expected to replace Libby, was a principal author of the White House memo justifying the torture of terrorism suspects. He also strongly endorsed holding suspects without access to the legal system, a measure rebuked by the Supreme Court." (link) This has not been confirmed as far as I know.

Think Progress asks: Was Addington aware he was facilitating alleged criminal conduct? "According to the indictment, it appears that Addington was involved in the leak:

18. Also on or about July 8, 2003, LIBBY met with the Counsel to the Vice President in an anteroom outside the Vice President’s Office. During their brief conversation, LIBBY asked the Counsel to the Vice President, in sum and substance, what paperwork there would be at the CIA if an employee’s spouse undertook an overseas trip. (think progress link)

Whatever Already Blog has more on Addington. Very interesting. (link)

3:30PM: Fitzgerald spoke for over an hour.He made it clear what the charges were and how the federal grand jury works. He also made it clear that he cannot comment on anyone who is not mentioned in the indictment. When the transcript is online, I'll post a link.

Meanwhile the stupid ass pundits on the cable channels watched what I watched at the press conference and continue to spew ridiculous charges against Joe Wilson, his wife and the special prosecutor. I don't know why the American people have to endure pundits who have listened to the same press conference I did and make ridiculous conclusions and continue to bash the law of the land which Mr Fitzgerald made perfectly clear. I think I would trust the federal prosecutor more than some political crony of the bushistas. So far on MSNBC this afternoon, the pundits are making up all sorts of implications. Nauseating. Here's a CNN story on press release.

Watch out for pundits saying that Fitzgerald didn't do his job because he didn't indict Libby for blowing the cover of a spy. He couldn't do that because Libby is charged with obstructing justice and lying 2 times to the FBI and 2 times to the grand jury. Just watch out for lying, speculative pundits with political motivations and little understanding of the law.

1:36PM: DOJ Website Updated:

1:05PM: Scooter Libby has resigned his position as Dick Cheney's chief of staff.

12:41PM Scooter Libby has been indicted on obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements. These are serious charges. Stay Tuned.

2 charges of perjury
2 charges of making false statements to grand jury
1 charge of obstruction of justice- endangered national security by revealing Valerie Plame's identity. A news release from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald says Libby allegedly lied "about how and when in 2003 he learned and subsequently disclosed to reporters then-classified information concerning the employment of Valerie Wilson by the Central Intelligence Agency."

According to a reporter on with Wolf Blitzer: Dick Cheney will be called as a witness in the trial. Cheney told Libby Plame's identity.

Fitzgerald to speak to press at 2:15 PM

Fitzgerald's Official Website Here.

8:46AM: NBC News confirms that Rove won't be indicted
Rove intends to stay on his job. It's still likely that Libby will be indicted, yet he was still at the WH staff meeting this morning. Karl Rove is maintaining that anything he said that was conflicting was merely inadvertent. In the meantime, he is still under investigation and looking for PR representation. Since Cheney is really the president, Scooter's indictment is pretty serious.

9:10AM AP Source: Rove Won't Be Indicted Today

6:30AM: AP Washington- White House Fears Indictment for Libby
excerpt: "White House officials braced for the possibility that Vice President Dick Cheney's top aide would be indicted in the CIA leak case, but held out hope presidential confidant Karl Rove might escape charges for the time being.

"Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald signaled Thursday he might simply keep Rove under investigation, according to a person familiar with recent developments in the case who requested anonymity because of its sensitivity. That would spare Rove bad news Friday when the grand jury that has heard the case for two years is set to expire.

"Rove attended the daily meeting of the senior staff and met with the president late in the evening, at the end of a day in which the White House dealt with the withdrawal of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. Cheney's top aide, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was said to have passed up the staff meeting to attend a security briefing."

Seems strange that Scooter would attend a security briefing the night before an indictment. Shouldn't he have resigned? Stay tuned.

There were no WMD's. Iraq was not connected to 9/11. The war in Iraq was sold to the house and the people based on that "evidence". If this evidence was deliberately manufactured with malicious intent and can be proven as such, the WH and this president face severe legal problems and will go down in history as the worst administration ever. This is treason. This is not a blue dress.

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