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Wednesday, October 12


Well, kids, if I wind-up missing anytime soon, we'll know why. I've earned myself a REAL STALKER!

Not just your average troll, no, this particular critter claims to live IN Louisiana, and didn't cotton well to me TELLING THE TRUTH about the ignorant-ass cracker bigots in this state. Now, I never said that there weren't a shitload of GOOD PEOPLE doing everything and then some to help the victims of Katrina, but there are also a shitload (likely the majority) of mouth-breathing, cousin-fucking, inbred recidivist neanderthal cocksucking MORON FUCKTARDS who have treated anybody with a brown skin and a New Orleans address like they are all AUTOMATICALLY CRIMINALS. Y'all know it as well as I do.

And to try and gloss over it by concentrating only on the good --- well, that just ain't the whole truth. These motherfuckers are the reason that I have tried all of my life (obviously, not too successfully) to get OUT of Louisiana. I grew up in the biggest cracker parish in the state (once known as the national capitol of the Ku Klux Klan --- the national Grand Dragon lived two miles down the road from my house), and couldn't fucking wait to get the fuck OUT.

Granted, New Orleans has its own racism --- coming from every direction. White against black, black against white, white against asian, asian against black, blah blah blah on and on and on. I was a minority in New Orleans (being the fluorescent white girl that I am), and there were people who made sure that I knew that, every single day. Just like the crackers/rednecks/mouth-breathers treated me in Livingston Parish. I didn't share their bigoty, their ignorance, their desire to return to the fabled, pseudo-halcyon days of slavery, and ergo, I was the evil one. Throw in atheism on top of that, and you'll understand where I got my nic.

Now, I'm not whining to get sympathy or even compassion --- while I know that BlondeSense readers are much more highly-evolved, and definitely more intellectual (by a ratio of about 100 to 1) than the trolls that we attract, I want to set this excerpt up properly, so that y'all will understand exactly what kind of maggot I'm dealing with here.

So, if you are easily squeamish (not generally a problem with BlondeSense readers, I know, but still...), scroll on down to the bigger, more important posts. If you want to know a Reader's Digest Condensed Version of the struggle that I (and so many other non-bigoted whites) have been through pretty much my entire life, and to see it blown up past farce to absolute fucking IDIOCY, read on.

(From the comments on the "Bunions..." post)

redneck Homepage 10.11.05 - 5:51 pm


Um, Redneck? Motherfucker, I was BORN in this shit-hole of a state and have lived here for 34 of my 35 fucked-up years.

You wanna start some shit, bitch? Boy, did you catch me on the wrong fucking day.

Maybe you meant "welcome to Louisiana" to the inbred, mouthbreathing, cousin-fucking INBRED cocksuckers in this state, but somehow, I don't think so.

And I'll tell you ANOTHER motherfucking thing, "redneck" --- you obviously self-conscious/paranoid redneck three-toed sloth knuckle-dragging mongoloid fucktard --- I *AM* a motherfucking REFUGEE FROM NEW ORLEANS. I just got up here in Hillbilly Hell BEFORE THE FUCKING STORM. So what the fuck ever you say about ANYFUCKINGBODY FROM NEW ORLEANS, bitch, YOU'RE SAYING ABOUT *ME.*

You wanna play? Motherfucker, I am ready for yo' ig'nant cracker ass. Let's go.
Now, back to the clusterfuck at hand... Anytime you wanna go, "redneck," the truck's gassed-up and I'm ready to throw down.
Anntichrist S. Coulter Homepage 10.12.05 - 2:16 am


Dearest Annti, I am so, so sorry.You seem to have mistaken me for your fuckin' mommy or one of the other three people who could give a fuck about where you're from or what your damn problem is.You wanna talk shit? Talk is cheap.Show me your address and I'll even pay for the gas it takes to get there, 'cause this'll be way more fun for me than it'll be for you.Your move, talkbox.
Redneck Homepage 10.12.05 - 1:07 pm #


Another beautiful example of the recidivist ignorance that plagues an otherwise beautiful state.
Just bring it to St. Francisville, motherfucker, and I'll find you. You wanna start some shit, child?
You know not with whom you are fucking, little boy. But if you think that you can back it up, bring it.
Anntichrist S. Coulter Homepage 10.12.05 - 2:04 pm #


You the only one in St. francisville, or are you just so fucking fat that I can't miss you?You want me to bring it, tell me where, you shit talking pussy!

Redneck Homepage 10.12.05 - 2:30 pm #


So, that's where things stand at the moment. Our delightful little troll has decided to put me in my "place" for daring to tell the world the TRUTH about these phony-ass white-trash motherfuckers. He can't hang with reality, so he attacks me for EXPLAINING reality. Granted, I seriously doubt that we're dealing with one of those phony-polite Cuntry Club white folks, the ones who play all "P.C." in public, but make the "coloreds" that work for them drink out of the garden hose rather than drink from their glasses.

Nope, what I think that we're dealing with here is just a plain ol', Jerry-Springer-fan, inbred, mouth-breathing, resulting-from-incest, ain't-better-than- nobody-but-he-can-at- least-hate- "niggers", lowlife white trash, woman-hating, sexist, recidivist, couldn't-get- laid-in- Angola- State-Pennitentiary, no-life-having, Dungeons & Dragons-obsessed, role-playing- with-twelve- year-olds, ain't-never-been-out-the-state-'cept-to-Six-Flags, ain't-never- watched- the-news- 'cause-they-don't- talk-enough-NASCAR dumbass cracker motherfucker.

Nothing new. I deal with that type every fucking day. But hey, it ain't often that you get DELIVERY!

What the hell... a present's a present!

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