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Wednesday, October 26

But I thought Jesus was a Democrat!

I read this opinion piece in Newsday and I'd you to read it and read it without getting enraged and calling him an asshole in the comments because the author gives a pretty rational view of the polarization in this country between conservatives and liberals from the political right side... and why he thinks moderates vote conservative.

How can people of good conscience on the left side make a case for the importance of social justice which embraces people of all religious beliefs? The alarming part of the article explains how Fox's John Gibson wrote a book called "The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought." The liberals doing the plotting, including the litigating, Gibson adds, are almost all Democrats.

This sort of alarmist propaganda that Gibson spews is just plain ridiculous and politically motivated. Plenty of liberals enjoy Christmas. Non believers enjoy the festive season, the lights, the parties and the day off. The economy would collapse if not for Christmas spending. A fringe group of radical lefties are challenging Christmas... it certainly doesn't mean that ALL Democrats are anti-Christmas. After years of studying the bible from a theological and historical point of view and learning that the religious version of Christmas is not to be taken literally, I still enjoy the season.

I don't care if mangers and Christmas trees are set up on public property. As a matter of fact, I feel bad that non Christians don't partake in hanging lights all over their homes in the darkest days of the year. Why, it's a positively pagan ritual! I think those who are inflamed by holiday decorations, should chill out and worry about how poverty is on the rise in our country and be grateful that people are more generous to the poor during that season.

Well with that aside... please read the article and comment on how we can change the view that Democrats are radical lefties who hate god. Only then can we put an end to the cruel corporatists (fascists) on the right who supposedly embrace christian values, but only in order to get votes and kill the middle class.

Bad news for donkeys on religion front

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