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Tuesday, October 18


Okay, so that's not the most picturesque title possible, but it pretty much gets to the point.

If you haven't read Robert S. McElvaine's op-ed, "FEMA Mess Didn't Miss Mississippi," go read it. Believe it or not, the uber-tight-ass Baton Rouge ADVOCATE actually ran this piece on Sunday. I damned near fainted.

And McElvaine postulates an interesting theory... We all SAW the death, destruction, and devastation in Mississippi. BUT we don't hear about them too much on the news anymore, it's alllllllll about the po' black folks of Orleans (and rarely, the po' white folks & black folks of St. Bernard). If you ask any P.R. or MSM or State of Mississippi person about how things are coming in Mizzippi, "Oh, it's comin' along PERFECTLY, 'cause Governor Barbour had it ALL covered!"


Read McElvaine... Could you imagine anything skeerier than Haley Barbour as the Big GOP Candidate in 2008??? I sure as hell can't, unless it's Ahhhnold. Haley Barbour, in case y'all didn't know, is a blithering idjit. Another fine example of republicunt nepotism run amok. "REDNECKS GONE WILD!" Available on DVD soon.

On another kind of Bullshit:

My friend Kelly sent me this link, and it is the funniest, most bald-open public busting of Scientologists and Tom Cruise that I've ever seen. Granted, I don't get nearly as much amusement from Scientologists as I do from Mormons, because the El-Ronnettes are a helluva lot skeerier. But this shit is a hoot. And in case the "Volunteer Ministers" in the pix from the Pickup Truck Rescue Missions didn't give you the heebie-jeebies (they sure as hell did to me!!), read this shit. It'll make the flesh crawl.

Which is kinda the effect that Little Tommy Cruise has on me, anyway. Egotistical, antagonistic midget that he is.

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