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Monday, October 31

Same Shit, Different War

Washington hid damaging Vietnam finding

By Scott Shane in Washington

"The US National Security Agency has kept secret a 2001 finding by its own historian that its officers deliberately distorted critical intelligence during the Tonkin Gulf episode that helped precipitate the Vietnam War. The historian's conclusion was the first serious accusation that the agency's intercepts were falsified to support the belief North Vietnamese ships attacked US destroyers on August 4, 1964, two days after a previous clash".

Tom Feeley has the rest at International Clearing House.

Dungeon 2005 Halloween Party

2005: "Tacky Tourist From Hell (In a half-assed Party City costume)"

This will be a two-parter, as the experience of seeing New Orleans for the first time since Katrina was a somewhat different experience than returning to my homeland, The Dungeon, for the first time in two years.

How do y'all like the mannequins that have replaced me in the Spank Tank? Pretty damned artistic, I'd say. I especially like the Marilyn Manson doll. Not to mention the new and exclusive paintings by Siniard, French Quarter artist of the royals. (That would be the bluish pic with the satyr grinning in the background.)

Chicky (owner of the Dungeon) and Steve (former manager of the Dungeon, way way back in the day) were the only ones at the party who "got" my costume. The Mardi Gras beads (in OCTOBER) were the main clue. Only tourists buy beads on Canal Street to wear into the Quarter in any other month but February (or March, if it's a late Lent). At any rate, I only dressed up for the "locals" anyway, seeing as how I used to be one. Sadly, none of the NOPD on Bourbon Street (ya gotta get out and walk once in a while, but not TOO far) understood my costume, but then, some of them looked half-in-the-bag, anyway. Nothing new there.

There were, maybe, thirty-five or forty other people on Bourbon who WEREN'T New York State Troopers or NOPD. And judging by the anecdotes told by the locals who live and/or work in the Quarter, the NYST do NOT want to be there, and they are NOT amused by any of it. Sad to hear, really, considering how NOLA & NYC have always had this kind of grudging respect for one another, one ancient city to another. A lot of the same condescending/insulting carpetbagger rhetoric that came from FEMA and Dumbya post-Katrina. And don't even get me STARTED on The Cunt Mistress Of Evil, BARBARA Bush... If that death-snatch opens her mouth again any time soon, I could wind-up on the news or in prison, or both.

On the one hand, I wish I could return to the Quarter tonight, to see if any more locals make it back, because Halloween in the Quarter is the last holiday that is still FOR the Locals --- look at Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, even French Quarter Fest! Plus, the locally-owned businesses in the Quarter (quickly becoming even MORE of a minority) need the dough and the company.

But on the other hand, I am SO too old for this shit! (I don't mean that in any "maturity" connotation, obviously, I mean that the fibromyalgia from taking that much ginseng, B-12 and DayQuil is WAY worse than a hangover!!!) But the few people I still know in New Orleans, especially at the Dungeon, were glad to see us, and we were so glad to see them. Sure, there was definitely a twinge of "we're dancing on the graves of the freshly-murdered" when I first rolled into that ghost town... but facts are facts, and the facts are these: 1. I'm homesick as a motherfucker, and 2. The Quarter needs the business to stay alive, and the Quarter is the only part of town that's received ANY reconstruction/revival help from ANYBODY thus far. And yes, I'm including Kathleen Blanco in that statement. More bitching about that in the other post.

We had a lot of fun, went home way too early (way too many fucking COPS out there for me, dammit), and wish we could do it again. And yes, I'm wearing Chuck Connors All-Stars with my costume, because I am DEFINITELY too old to do heels on the Rue Toulouse!!!

Besides, I kinda had to keep it low-rent, and if this costume is to bear any fetishistic/luck/voodoo value, as far as dragging drunk rednecks/Yankees/Californians with gold cards back to the Quarter, I wanted to be at LEAST equal-opportunity about it! And remember, those of you who are brave enough to sally forth to NOLA in the near future: If you can't afford to TIP, you can't afford to DRINK!!!

So be good to your bartenders, dammit.

How'd He Get That Nickname?

With a little help from some folks at Rigorous Intuition I've finally figured out how "Scooter" Libby got his nickname.

Y'all that have a cat or a dog know how it will drag itself across the carpet when it's got dangling hemorrhoids or after an attack of diarrhea? They sorta "scoot"; don't they--dragging their poopchute across the rough surface?

Well that's it.

Ol' "Scooter" has been takin' it up the butt from Bush and Cheney so much lately that that's the only way he can relieve the discomfort.

Was it Only a Week Ago?

Last Monday (was it only a week ago?) Hurricane Wilma blew in and out of Florida. She was one of those guests who comes in, makes her presence known and then takes off. She made a hell of an impression on many lives here. After last year’s one-two punch from Frances and Jeanne, my area of the state didn’t have much left to give Wilma. We offered up what few trees we had left and she scooped them up. Farther south where last year’s hurricanes were gentler, Wilma kicked some home-owning ass.

For everyone in the US this is the fall season. This is the time the leaves change colors and eventually flutter into brown heaps on the ground. South Florida has few deciduous trees and therefore we don’t see the seasonal changes others do. This year it is different, out leaves fell to the ground with the trees still attached.

Our electric was out from noon last Monday until about 7:30 Wednesday night. I am not complaining. My neighbor across the street still has no power. Our local electric company has set a date of Nov 6 or 9 to have all the power restored to this area. Thank goodness our weather since Wilma has been seasonally cool with low humidity.

We, here in this sweet house, are back to normal. Okay, our brand new, as of earlier this year, privacy fence is leaning at a funky angle but that will be corrected by the fence company in days to come. It’s still providing enough privacy to keep the neighbors from peering in and seeing us running around half dressed.

The most aggravating thing after Wilma exited was our DSL, which was out until last Friday. No internet availability is frustrating when all hell is breaking loose in the news.

I did hear and see some things on the news that I felt were way overboard. Wilma hadn’t been gone 24 hours and already people were raising hell because FEMA wasn’t here handing out food, water and ice. Give me a break, the ice in my freezer hadn’t even melted yet. We had bread, peanut butter and canned soups that we hadn’t even thought about having to eat yet. Who were these people who were raising hell and why hadn’t they prepared a bit? Remember we had about a week’s notice that the hurricane was coming, and ice and water aren’t out of the budget for the majority of folks here. You don’t have to be wealthy to be prepared with at least water and food. What were these hell raisers going to eat and drink on Tuesday if the hurricane hadn’t hit?

We saw long lines of cars waiting to pick up free ice at the local mall as we went to check on Mr. Pop’s lab on Wednesday. Lots of hefty new cars in that line. We still had ice in our freezer at that time, even though the power had been off since noon Monday.

See, we had our regular ice cubes in the freezer before the storm and we had added a bag of ice just in case. The bag of ice was still in good shape when the power came on Wednesday night. Okay, yes I did have to toss just about everything in the fridge and freezer out Thursday, but we had cooked several things on the grill as they thawed and been smart enough not to stuff the fridge or freezer with perishable foods the week before the storm. Preparing for a hurricane isn’t rocket science, it’s common sense. You may not be able to keep your roof from ripping off and you sure can’t stop a tree from deciding to take its last rest on top of your house, but you sure as hell can prepare ice and buy peanut butter and bread. Bottled water isn’t expensive and it keeps for quite some time. If you buy only a case a week at the beginning of hurricane season, within a few weeks you’re stocked up and you have nothing to worry about.

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be the gourmet breakfast of choice. I know this for a fact, as I experienced it twice last week.

Was it only last week? It sure was, but as I think back about it this morning it seems like much longer than that. It seems like we hopped on a giant boomerang and took a quick trip out of the ordinary and now we’re back. It was a hell of a ride.

Later today I’ll tell you what I think about what’s going on in the political news. Hell yes, I’m still pissed off!

The Fecal Matter is about to hit the Rotating Machine

Bush stomped his foot and demanded that the next member of the Supreme Court be 3rd Circuit Appeals Court Judge Samuel Alito. Bush appears on this Halloween morning to once again not be wearing his "I’m a uniter and not a divider" costume. Did anyone think this indictment of Libby would make this president a bit humble? No indeed. He has no clue. He’s running full out and nobody is going to stop him. You think he was dangerous before? Watch and see what he does in defiance of the new reality. He’s now a rabid dog and he’s getting cornered. We all know what a rabid dog does next. It’s not pretty.

bush watching the news?

By Howard Fineman and Richard Wolffe
Nov. 7, 2005 issue - The mood in the White House last Friday afternoon was grim, but eerily quiet. Dick Cheney was gone, off in Georgia giving yet another apocalyptic terrorism speech to yet another military crowd. The president, just back from his own rally-the-troops address, was eager to chopper to Camp David for the weekend. But, in the small dining room adjoining the Oval Office, he was doing something uncharacteristic: watching live news on TV. Read on...

Bush To Name New Supreme Court Nominee

WAPO: Judging by the names the White House floated by political allies in recent days, Bush seems ready to pick a candidate with a long track record of conservative jurisprudence -- one who would mollify the Republican base, whose opposition to Miers's nomination helped scuttle her chances. Several GOP strategists said the most likely choice seemed to be federal appeals judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., with judges J. Michael Luttig and Alice M. Batchelder also in the running.


  1. Antique Halloween Ecards
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  3. Halloween Online Games
  4. Hilarious Halloween Ecards

Click to see my Halloween masterpiece costume. My son as a tourist in Hawaii being attacked by a giant jelly fish.


Sunday, October 30

This Week In God

Springeth forward, Falleth backward, sayeth the Lord.
Mind thy clocks.



1. An excerpt from "Vows: The Story of A Priest, a Nun, and Their Son," a new book by Revealer contributing writer Peter Manseau. Manseau tells the real story behind one of the Boston priest abuse scandal's headlines, that of his mother. As a teenager, Mary Doherty fell under the spell of a charismatic priest, Gerard Creighton. Creighton seduced Doherty; then, in order to assure her silence, he arranged to have her dentist remove her teeth. Decades later, Doherty -- now Mary Manseau -- undertook her own investigation.

2. Are U.S. military chaplains promoting homophobia and discrimination against non-Christian women on taxpayer time? NYT's disdain forfundamentalists prevents it from asking the obvious questions.

3. The Washington Times declares holy war on Islam.

4. World at War, parts I and II: Erica Ogg and Michael de la Merced look at what gets left out by the secular coverage of evangelical blockbuster "Left Behind: World at War."


Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code, is being sued for stealing the idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalen were married. Two historians, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, are suing Brown's publishers, Random House, claiming that Brown lifted "the whole architecture" of the research from their 1982 book, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, for The Da Vinci Code, Brown's global hit of a religious thriller.


I don't see him, but Jesus supposedly appeared on this tree. The story says, "People who have looked at it believe they are face to face with the face of Jesus Christ." I think it looks like Che.

Jesus has also appeared in a fishbone! It's a miracle.
The Newmans said they received the fish bone from a friend 10 years ago, and they've had good luck ever since. Now, they said it's someone else's turn. It's on ebay.
Jesus looks frightened. Oh No! Mr Bill! Noooooooo!


Speaking of Ebay, A central Indiana congregation that sold a vacant church on eBay for $40,000 is donating the proceeds to victims of Hurricane Katrina.


Former Nun Was Kissed. Sued. Got money.

VANCOUVER - A B.C. Supreme Court judge has awarded a 45-year-old woman $15,000 in damages after she was assaulted with a kiss. The former nun and school teacher has a neurological illness that has confined her to a wheelchair.

After an April 2002 physiotherapy appointment, her volunteer driver, Harry Battle, placed her on her bed, gave her a deep kiss and rubbed her back under her shirt...

...In the civil suit, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Richard Goepel ruled Battle's act constituted a serious breach of trust from a caregiver. He noted that after the assault, the woman didn't leave her home and stopped going to choir and horseback riding.


Ah here's a group who have proof that Jesus Christ was born on Halloween. I knew it!


Is Halloween too pagan for you? Give candy in the name of Jesus Christ says a Faith Matters columnist.

Roman Catholic priests in manchester, NH reach out to the community and look for new parishioners in local bars. Love it. They're looking for lapsed catholics in the right places.


Oh you will love this article from Pravda:
Centaurs appeared after copulation between humans and animals

Lots of good goat fucking stuff here. My favorite paragraph:

"In ancient times, warriors took a flock of sheep or goats for every battle; they used animals for eating and having sex. There is written evidence saying that Italian soldiers deserted during the siege of Lyons by catholics in 1562 because they had little sheep for sex contacts. Allowing sex contacts between soldiers and animals was believed the lesser evil than sex with prostitutes. Respectable scholars - Paracelsus, Cardano and famous accoucher of the 16th century Fortunio Liceti - several times registered birth of hybrids, animal kids born by humans and human kids born by animals. Their notes mention horses, elephants, dogs and even lions."

Here's a story for the guys: do you feel left out by all those powerful women in church? Is church too "gay" for you? Read: "Macho Christianity? Movement seeks to make church 'more masculine'"

One man after joining the movement to make Christianity more "macho" realized that his wife "craves" his spiritual leadership. "So now after dinner, I take my family by the hand to say, 'It's time for family devotions."

I don't think it's your spiritual leadership she craves, macho man. Excuse me while I puke.


Pax Vobiscum

Saturday, October 29

The dreaded V word

It doesn't matter that a woman's vagina is part of her anatomy. What matters is that it's such a disgusting word. It rhymes with angina too, a horrible thing to have. Some think that it would be a good idea if women grew up not knowing about that part of their anatomy even though they have to deal with it monthly rather intimately.

The Albertsons chain store pulled the latest issue of Seventeen, a magazine for young women, according to an article in the Seattle Times, from its shelves because it dared, it had the unimitigated gall and the indecency to publish an informative article called, "Vagina 101. An Owners Manual." The article disgracefully illustrates what exactly is "down there" and what's normal and what's not. In this man's world we live in, it's best that women are not aware of such things because after all, they may take their own bodies into their own hands. The hypocrisy of it all is that Albertsons sells condoms openly and also had on its magazine rack an issue of Men's Health magazine boasting "Six Secret Ways to Turn Her On," not to mention Cosmopolitan's tips on how to make your own sex video. Seventeen Magazine has been around for ages. It touches on the usual teenage girl fluff, but it also offers some sage advice or at least gives young women some questions to ponder before they become readers of Cosmo and all hope of their becoming all they could be goes out the window.

You see the not so subtle difference between articles on sex and articles on anatomy is that articles on sex refer to both men and women, with the man, of course, being the important gender, while articles on female anatomy are intellectually and medically informative. Information is a bad thing in today's America. With information under our belts, we could question the morality of war, the secrecy of the vice president of the United States, the inconsistencies in the bible, interpreting the US Constitution, the role of women other than being breeding machines and living sex toys. No one seems to tackle the issue of women being born with brains though. God couldn't have been all that intelligent since he endowed women with brains AND boobs. Hey, we're not paid to think.

This attitude is even held by grown women... mothers! The article says that a mom was interviewed about the article in an Albertson's parking lot. She agreed that the magazine should have been pulled from the shelves as she feels it's her job to teach her daughters about their bodies and was worried about retaining their innocence (read: Ignorance). I wonder if she was planning on covering the topic of how much pubic hair is healthy (something that is covered in the article) or what the actual names for those lower parts are called other than your 'private parts' (which was how my mom addressed them).

The key part of the article according to story is that it helps young women to understand that they are normal... or what is normal. I was in college by the time "Our Bodies, Ourselves" was published. Before that, I didn't really know what to make of all that stuff down there other than the instructions inserted in the tampon box. Only the doctor said the words, vagina or hymen as in, Mrs. Jones, your daughter's hymen has been broken.

We live in interesting times. We can learn from the covers of magazines on any mag rack about germ warfare, nuclear proliferation, flu pandemics, how much god hates fags, corporate profits, terrorist threats in the United States, military strategies, authorized torture, football, steroids, evil dictators, fake tits, Britney's faux life.. but it's just plain indecent for a young woman to understand her icky parts.

Grow the fuck up, America.

just a small note on the feminist angle

Have you noted the misogynist angle to Leakgate?

Valerie Plame didn't send her husband Joseph Wilson to Niger. The CIA did. Because they didn't want bogus information that the public would think came from them to start a war. But it is reported that Ms. Plame sent Mr. Wilson. This translates into overbearing wife of henpecked husband sending him out for a carton of milk and the dry cleaning.

Note please how Ms. Plame was used by the Bush administration to cast doubt on her husband's findings. They outted her to punish him. Calling him a liar wasn't enough. Why? Were they hoping, God forbid, something terrible would happen to her and her children? A sort of revenge usually employed by mobsters. Mr. Wilson wisely chose to protect his family in plain sight. If something terrible did happen, it would become very clear that it wasn't a coincidence.

This isn't politics as usual. This is a criminal enterprise. It is too bad that Mr. Fitzgerald hasn't gotten all RICO on their asses.

While I have no sympathy for Judith Miller, I do think she too was used by the Bush administration. Lead on, if you will, to be one of the boys, a camaraderie she didn't, evidently, have at the New York Times.

The schoolyard bully Bush administration insulted an "old school" man. The sort of man who not only can return an insult, but slap his challenger in the face with a glove and say, "Pistols or swords at dawn?" He readily admits "too many wives and too many drugs" to run for public office, but found he could serve his country as a diplomat and a whistleblower. He refused to be intimidated. He refused to let the Bushies hang his wife to twist in the wind. He wouldn't be pushed or shoved. He stood up for his wife and himself and should bring back some honor to the Medal of Freedom by receiving it from the next administration in 2009.

The gravity of the situation is this: Everyone who knew her and worked with her was in danger, especially those close to her at the CIA, her children and her husband. The gravity of this is the thugs in the White House didn't care that Mr. Wilson or Ms. Plame knew that the war was a lie. They would endanger the lives of Americans so their plan to kill more Americans in a bullshit war abroad to control elections at home would go forward into the abyss. They didn't have any goals in their administration; we got this war because they had no vision for the nation, no plan to keep their offices other than a trumped up war.

Mr. Wilson will be depicted in the worst light; perhaps the worst for him isn't behind him. The far right will really howl now that this is before the rest of America.

Mr. Fitzgerald, reminding me of Elliot Ness and the Untouchables (quick, someone Photoshop that old movie poster!), looks like he can hold his own against the howlers. He put down the notion that he indicted on a "technicality." For the uninitiated, all law is merely a technicality and it is what separates us from the punks in the White House.

This goes all the way to the top. That towel snapping frat boy Bush either okayed the operation which means he is a son of a bitch or he didn't know until after the fact which makes him a dumb son of a bitch. Even Nixon had the guts to go on television and accept Haldeman and Ehrlichman's resignation. I thought Bush should have fired Libby. Libby, which sounds so close to Liddy, also, it has been noted, was a special assistant to the president, not just the vice-president. What did we get? Blah, blah, terror, it is tough to fight the terrorist, I am going to do my job, blah, blah, blah.

Friday, October 28

Can We Open the Fitzmas Presents Yet?

The information from Fitzgerald's office.

10:30PM I just heard on the television that Karl Rove is "Official A" Stay tuned.

Late Day News: David Addington
Raw Story Reports: "David Addington, expected to replace Libby, was a principal author of the White House memo justifying the torture of terrorism suspects. He also strongly endorsed holding suspects without access to the legal system, a measure rebuked by the Supreme Court." (link) This has not been confirmed as far as I know.

Think Progress asks: Was Addington aware he was facilitating alleged criminal conduct? "According to the indictment, it appears that Addington was involved in the leak:

18. Also on or about July 8, 2003, LIBBY met with the Counsel to the Vice President in an anteroom outside the Vice President’s Office. During their brief conversation, LIBBY asked the Counsel to the Vice President, in sum and substance, what paperwork there would be at the CIA if an employee’s spouse undertook an overseas trip. (think progress link)

Whatever Already Blog has more on Addington. Very interesting. (link)

3:30PM: Fitzgerald spoke for over an hour.He made it clear what the charges were and how the federal grand jury works. He also made it clear that he cannot comment on anyone who is not mentioned in the indictment. When the transcript is online, I'll post a link.

Meanwhile the stupid ass pundits on the cable channels watched what I watched at the press conference and continue to spew ridiculous charges against Joe Wilson, his wife and the special prosecutor. I don't know why the American people have to endure pundits who have listened to the same press conference I did and make ridiculous conclusions and continue to bash the law of the land which Mr Fitzgerald made perfectly clear. I think I would trust the federal prosecutor more than some political crony of the bushistas. So far on MSNBC this afternoon, the pundits are making up all sorts of implications. Nauseating. Here's a CNN story on press release.

Watch out for pundits saying that Fitzgerald didn't do his job because he didn't indict Libby for blowing the cover of a spy. He couldn't do that because Libby is charged with obstructing justice and lying 2 times to the FBI and 2 times to the grand jury. Just watch out for lying, speculative pundits with political motivations and little understanding of the law.

1:36PM: DOJ Website Updated:

1:05PM: Scooter Libby has resigned his position as Dick Cheney's chief of staff.

12:41PM Scooter Libby has been indicted on obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements. These are serious charges. Stay Tuned.

2 charges of perjury
2 charges of making false statements to grand jury
1 charge of obstruction of justice- endangered national security by revealing Valerie Plame's identity. A news release from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald says Libby allegedly lied "about how and when in 2003 he learned and subsequently disclosed to reporters then-classified information concerning the employment of Valerie Wilson by the Central Intelligence Agency."

According to a reporter on with Wolf Blitzer: Dick Cheney will be called as a witness in the trial. Cheney told Libby Plame's identity.

Fitzgerald to speak to press at 2:15 PM

Fitzgerald's Official Website Here.

8:46AM: NBC News confirms that Rove won't be indicted
Rove intends to stay on his job. It's still likely that Libby will be indicted, yet he was still at the WH staff meeting this morning. Karl Rove is maintaining that anything he said that was conflicting was merely inadvertent. In the meantime, he is still under investigation and looking for PR representation. Since Cheney is really the president, Scooter's indictment is pretty serious.

9:10AM AP Source: Rove Won't Be Indicted Today

6:30AM: AP Washington- White House Fears Indictment for Libby
excerpt: "White House officials braced for the possibility that Vice President Dick Cheney's top aide would be indicted in the CIA leak case, but held out hope presidential confidant Karl Rove might escape charges for the time being.

"Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald signaled Thursday he might simply keep Rove under investigation, according to a person familiar with recent developments in the case who requested anonymity because of its sensitivity. That would spare Rove bad news Friday when the grand jury that has heard the case for two years is set to expire.

"Rove attended the daily meeting of the senior staff and met with the president late in the evening, at the end of a day in which the White House dealt with the withdrawal of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. Cheney's top aide, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was said to have passed up the staff meeting to attend a security briefing."

Seems strange that Scooter would attend a security briefing the night before an indictment. Shouldn't he have resigned? Stay tuned.

There were no WMD's. Iraq was not connected to 9/11. The war in Iraq was sold to the house and the people based on that "evidence". If this evidence was deliberately manufactured with malicious intent and can be proven as such, the WH and this president face severe legal problems and will go down in history as the worst administration ever. This is treason. This is not a blue dress.

"Vermont Moves to Secede from American Empire"

"James Howard Kunstler, author of the book about "Peak Oil The Long Emergency," will be the keynote speaker at The Vermont Convention on Independence to be held in the House Chamber of the State House in Montpelier, Vermont on Friday, October 28th, 2005.
(The Vermont Convention Link)

"Sponsored by the Second Vermont Republic, the convention, which will begin at 9 am and conclude at 5 pm, is open to the public and free of charge.

"This historic event will be the first statewide convention on secession in the United States since North Carolina voted to secede from the Union on May 20, 1861.

"Organizers of the convention say it has two objectives: First, to raise the level of awareness of Vermonters of the feasibility of independence as a viable alternative to a nation which has lost its moral authority and is unsustainable.

"And second, to provide an example and a process for other states and nations which may be seriously considering separatism, secession, independence, and similar devolutionary strategies".

Read the rest at Conspiracy Planet.

That Wasn't Mars AND Venus

Dear Mr Perlman,

I just finished reading the article about the bright lights over the Bay Area: Spellbound by sky lights Bright twinklers were nearby Mars and Venus, say astronomers -- or were they? I'm rather surprised that Mars and Venus were given as the explanation for the bright lights in the sky as they were seen so close together.

You wrote: "Chronicle photographer Lance Iversen caught images of the peculiar lights in his camera around midnight Wednesday, looking east from Twin Peaks. Mars and Venus would have been visible in the eastern skies at that time."

As a matter of fact, Venus can be seen in the southwestern sky right after sunset and it sets shortly after that. It's so bright that I sometimes think it's a plane until I realize that it isn't moving. Mars rises around sunset in the east and by midnight it's rather high up in the eastern sky. It's very red and bright, no way near as large and twinkling as Venus was and by then Venus is long gone from the visible sky. I'm quite surprised that Andrew Fraknoi, a professor of astronomy would suggest those two planets would be close to each other.

You go on to correctly explain why Mars and Venus are so bright (because they are close to the earth now) but you forgot to mention that Venus had set hours before. I'm curious as to why you allowed Venus to be the explanation in the article.


This blonde is not suggesting that the lights were alien spaceships. I'm just surprised that it was explained that the 2 planets could have been seen together. I'm a totally amateur sky watcher and even I know that Venus is no explanation for anything at midnight.

In This Week's Episode of Fuck the Poor....

The Senate gave a rousing "Fuck The Poor" to the elderly and disabled by voting to cut Medicare and Medicaid spending over the next 5 years by a measly $10B. If they would quit the war in Iraq, imagine how much could be spent helping our least brethren in this oh so (not) christian country. In typical party politics that have nothing to do with the actual human beings that live in this country, the committee's 11 Republicans supported the legislation. The committee's nine Democrats opposed it.

Now here's justice: The new Patriot Act terrorism law would allow smaller juries to decide on executions and give prosecutors the ability to try again if a jury deadlocks on sentencing. Why don't they just shoot suspected terrorists and save the money? (snark)

Bush let his more articulate brother take the fall for the FEMA failures in Florida. Senior citizen communities are being ignored. Shameful. (speaking of Florida, when is Pissed Off Patricia going to be able to get back online?)

The most disgraceful and nauseating news this week were the reported 3Q earnings of big oil. With so much havoc after the hurricanes, people losing their jobs and homes while reconstruction jobs going to illegal aliens, Exxon Mobile reaped 75% growth and ConocoPhillips profits soared 89% in the 3Q. This is very good news for the stockholders and big "Fuck You" to those who have to pay for it (if they can afford it).

But the Republicans are still soft on treason unless it's a Democrat being accused.

Thursday, October 27

More Proof that Repubs Cannot Get Elected Without Cheating

From Bradblog:

Excerpt: Noe indicted in Bush money-laundering case

A federal grand jury has indicted Tom Noe, the former Maumee coin dealer suspected of laundering money into President Bush’s reelection campaign, Mr. Noe’s attorney told The Blade today.

Gregory A. White, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, will hold a news conference in Toledo to announce “a major public corruption indictment.”

The U.S. Attorney’s office announced in April that it was investigating Mr. Noe for possible violations of federal campaign finance laws. Sources have told The Blade that authorities believe Mr. Noe gave money to several people who then contributed to the Bush-Cheney campaign.

Keep your eyes on this one, since Noe had connections to all the major Republican players, from the indicted Ohio Governor Taft, to the Ohio Sec. of State Blackwell, to Schwartzenegger in California to Bush/Cheney etc. Let's see if they all start singing soon...This is gonna get ugly.

Laura: You Might Not Get a Job if You Have Tattoos on Your Face

Reuters: First lady Laura Bush said on Tuesday that young people are more likely to get jobs if they avoid tattoos, as well as drugs and alcohol.

"We know that people who do avoid drugs and alcohol are more likely to be able to get a job," she said in an interview with American Urban Radio Network.

Unless of course, you are related to George H.W. Bush.

It's Not Fitzmas Yet.... but

WASHINGTON -- "Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald huddled with his legal team Thursday as two key White House aides awaited their fate in the CIA leak probe.
Rove's legal team made contingency plans, consulting with former Justice Department official Mark Corallo about what defenses could be mounted in court and in public.

"A spokesman for the prosecutor said there would be no public announcements Thursday. The term of the grand jury that could bring indictments expires Friday.


"Rove's legal team made contingency plans, consulting with former Justice Department official Mark Corallo about what defenses could be mounted in court and in public.

"Fitzgerald met with Rove attorney Robert Luskin at a private law firm office Tuesday, heightening White House fears for Rove's future."

the idea that launched a thousand fake orgasms

From the Seattle Times: It's the 100th anniversary of Sigmund Freud's theory of vaginal orgasm!

"Freud proposed that female pleasure and orgasm should center on the reproductive tract. He was aware that many women experienced orgasm through a small but ultrasensitive organ known as the clitoris but dealt with this by declaring such orgasms "infantile." Any woman who didn't transfer her center of sensitivity to the vagina he labeled as frigid."

Miers Withdraws Nomination

It's in the Washington Post.

"Here comes another dummy
Worse than the other dummy
Waltz me around again, Willy".

Hat tip to Joe and Rob at Americablog.
And Liz. Who scooped me by 17 minutes.

Breaking: Harriet Miers Withdraws


In the news now
WASHINGTON -- Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to be a Supreme Court justice Thursday in the face of stiff opposition and mounting criticism about her qualifications.

President Bush said he reluctantly accepted her decision to withdraw, after weeks of insisting that he did not want her to step down. He blamed her withdrawal on calls in the Senate for the release of internal White House documents that the administration has insisted were protected by executive privilege.

Hat tip to MSNBC news on television.

The AIDS virus: Made in the USA?

(cross posted at the Dark Wraith Forums)
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Contributing Writer

October 26, 2005—"You mean AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) didn’t come from a green monkey that bit a black African on the ass? Are you lying to us again, Uncle Sam? I think so.

"In fact, on July 29, 1969, only days after the Department of Defense (DOD) asked for $10 million (see link) from Congress to fund the development of a “synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired . . ." on that day, the chairman of the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population, the Honorable George H. W. Bush, U.S. Representative fromTexas, 7th District (1967–71), stressed the pressing need for population control activities to fend off “a growing Third World crisis.” (emphasis added PoLT)

That's the title and lead paragraphs of an article about AIDS that might tell you more than you want to know:
Online Journal

And if AIDS doesn't do the trick, maybe a flu virus....

Wednesday, October 26

Tonight's Candlelight Vigil

I attended a candlelight vigil this evening in my town at the Quaker Meeting House which is on the corner of a rather busy intersection at rush hour. I met a number of very lovely christian people who are anti-war and I asked them what they about the TV christians who shill for bush and they all agreed that we have a problem with vocal hateful war mongering christians who use the bible in its literal sense to fool the masses.

I also ran into an old friend who is now a deacon at my old church. He and I attended the same seminary but since he is a man, he gets to preach and I didn't. Nevertheless, he told me that he preached an antiwar sermon back when the Iraq invasion started and he was vilified by many of the parishioners and told by the pastor that people have their own opinions. He said that his sermon was not political at all. It was about Jesus. Needless to say we all had a rather heated discussion about the lack of Jesus in today's christianity (not heated towards each other).

I'm glad I went. Anyone else go to a vigil?

Halloween For The Childless

Read: Trick or Truffles by David Leite
In New York, Halloween often sees parents guiding their kids on ransacking missions through enormous co-ops. Our food king decides it’s time for childless adults to tip the tables and get their due.

Excerpt: "I’ve devised a simple way to assure that we pitiful childless tenants throw open our doors for the kiddies in the building—even for little Lili, the petulant three-year-old next door who’s sure to grow up to be a leather-clad dominatrix with tattoos covering 82 percent of her body: Let us adults go trick-or-treating, too. I win, you win, and the kids are none the wiser."

But I thought Jesus was a Democrat!

I read this opinion piece in Newsday and I'd you to read it and read it without getting enraged and calling him an asshole in the comments because the author gives a pretty rational view of the polarization in this country between conservatives and liberals from the political right side... and why he thinks moderates vote conservative.

How can people of good conscience on the left side make a case for the importance of social justice which embraces people of all religious beliefs? The alarming part of the article explains how Fox's John Gibson wrote a book called "The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought." The liberals doing the plotting, including the litigating, Gibson adds, are almost all Democrats.

This sort of alarmist propaganda that Gibson spews is just plain ridiculous and politically motivated. Plenty of liberals enjoy Christmas. Non believers enjoy the festive season, the lights, the parties and the day off. The economy would collapse if not for Christmas spending. A fringe group of radical lefties are challenging Christmas... it certainly doesn't mean that ALL Democrats are anti-Christmas. After years of studying the bible from a theological and historical point of view and learning that the religious version of Christmas is not to be taken literally, I still enjoy the season.

I don't care if mangers and Christmas trees are set up on public property. As a matter of fact, I feel bad that non Christians don't partake in hanging lights all over their homes in the darkest days of the year. Why, it's a positively pagan ritual! I think those who are inflamed by holiday decorations, should chill out and worry about how poverty is on the rise in our country and be grateful that people are more generous to the poor during that season.

Well with that aside... please read the article and comment on how we can change the view that Democrats are radical lefties who hate god. Only then can we put an end to the cruel corporatists (fascists) on the right who supposedly embrace christian values, but only in order to get votes and kill the middle class.

Bad news for donkeys on religion front

Just Go

No excuses. Find a peace vigil in your neighborhood for this evening.
No excuses.

PS. Cindy Sheehan: Hillary supported the war. Don't support her unless she changes her stance.

The Presents Are Under the Tree

But you can't open them yet. It's being reported that Fitz is in DC with the grand jurors in the courthouse since 9AM. I ran out of rocky road ice cream while glued to the television this morning.

Meanwhile FBI agents have been snooping around the Wilson's neighborhood asking neighbors if they knew that Mrs Wilson was a covert CIA agent. Angry neighbors who thought they knew the Wilson's quite well said that they didn't know she worked for the CIA and that they wouldn't be inviting the Wilson's to cocktail parties anymore. "I told Valerie about my affair with Mr. Jones (name changed to protect the guilty) and the least she could have done was to share a secret with me," whined a local desperate housewife.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas, Ev'ry where you go;
Take a look in the morning news, listening anew
To the lefty talk shows with callers all aglow.

It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas, Cheney's looking sore,
But the prettiest sight to see are the shrouds that will be
On the White House door.

A pair of indictments and a pistol that shoots
The traitors and treasonous men;
Co-conspirators will talk and will go for a walk
And we'll never see them again;
Americans can hardly wait for freedom to start again.

It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas, DC is rotten to the core;
There's a squint in the patriots eyes, 'cause you shouldn't out the spies,
The kind that would have saved our country from a war.

It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas; Feel it in your heart,
And the hopes that they will burn Will come true when you learn
That the trials soon will start."

-Blondesense news

Tuesday, October 25

and the arrest warrant goes to. . .

Word on the "street" in blogland is 5 indictments coming down tomorrow. The targets have been notified--that's how they know to wear a good tie for the camera--by letter and the indictments will be announced tomorrow. People who were booked to be on CNN have been called and cancelled. Expect a big news day tomorrow.

This is like Christmas Eve. Will I get the electric train set or the new red bicycle? Perhaps, I will get both and a new puppy!

J.J. Conducts Another Press Conference

From ABCNews:

The White House on Tuesday side stepped questions about whether Vice President Dick Cheney passed on to his top aide the identity of a CIA officer central to a federal grand jury probe.

Pressed about Cheney's knowledge about the CIA officer, McClellan said: "I think you're prejudging things and speculating and we're not going to prejudge or speculate about things."

Excuse me, cocksucker McClellan, but why did you not have this same attitude about "prejudging things and speculating" BEFORE sending thousands of Americans and Iraqis to their deaths? I take it your attitude has changed from when you were shooting off your cocksucker and trying to make us believe Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

One final question, cocksucker McClellan: To whom do you give the best head? Bush? Or Cheney?

Tuesday cat blogging

Rosa Parks passes and the Fake War passes 2,000 "official" deaths.

I need a pick-me-up.

(And yes, the black/semi-evil ones are my Chirren. The black-and-white one is Norman.)


It is being debated in the comments as to whether the death toll includes the injured troops that died on their way to Germany, in Germany or in US hospitals as a result of injuries in Iraq or the troops who have committed suicide. God help the United States. CNN Link

this post has been edited 2:43PM

Archie Gordon sent me a link to this most moving photographic tribute to those young men and women who sacrificed their lives. They are not numbers. They were human beings with families and people who loved them. Get your tissues ready.

Enough Already! Redux

God is punishing the northeast once again since the 9 days of floods and rain we had recently didn't seem to do the trick... homosexuals still live here, you know.

But boy, is my grass green. The 60 MPH winds are blowing leaves off the trees that didn't even turn colors yet. In the inland elevated areas, a lot of heavy snow is expected. So much for leaf peeping this year. This is a superstorm they say- like the one they made the movie about- Perfect Storm. I have never considered a nor'easter a perfect storm- More like a pain in the neck. If I'm not online today, it's because our power and/or our cable is out. It was out overnight and came back. Keeping fingers crossed.

In other weather news, Bill O'Lielly declared last night that the tsunami was caused by global warming! LOL. Via Crooks and Liars Wait. Excuse my french, but... what a fucking stupid idiot he is. Was he sleeping during science class? Does he ever actually watch the news? His father didn't beat him enough.

Southern Man, Better Keep Your Head...

One of America's finest women and a great role model for civil disobedience has passed away.

Almost 50 years ago (December 1, 1955) Rosa Parks, spit in the face of Jim Crow and sparked the civil rights movement. She was the first black person to be arrested for refusing to yield her seat to a white (man, mind you) on a bus. A boycott of the bus system in Montgomery, Alabama began on the day of her trial, 4 days later. It lasted for 381 days and nearly bankrupted the bus company since the ridership of Montgomery buses was about 75% black. Some black people car pooled or took taxis but most of them walked for those months. Some walked 20 miles or so. Finally a supreme court decision obliterated Jim Crow laws. She moved to Detroit, and worked in Congressman John Conyers office for 20 years.

Her act of civil disobedience and the boycott that ensued changed America. People were willing to be inconvenienced and walk for 13 months to hurt a business to make a point. This blonde would like to see people of good conscience do the same to enact change in our country again.

Who is protesting these days? Why it's the pigs!

The city of Austin Texas has granted a permit to the KKK to rally against gay marriage on November 5th. In an e-mail to the city for permission, a representative for the American White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan wrote:

"Our speech will not be inflammatory, but we all know the reputation of the name of the KKK, so we expect anti-Klan demonstrators to be there who may become violent. We certainly don't want any of our people hurt nor any city officials. We just want to come and encourage people to vote for Christian Family Values and against legalized homosexual marriage in the state of Texas."

Indeed. Christian family values are the hallmark of the KKK. Not. Notice that they don't want themselves or city officials hurt. I think a lot of people are going to be hurt. Why this group of bigots has the balls to ask for a protest permit in this day and age exemplifies the hatefulness that is still alive and thriving in this country. November 5th in Austin Texas will demonstrate to the country and the world that we have a lot of work to do in this democratic experiment- America.

Scooter Libby: Designated Fall Guy in Plame Debacle

From Conspiracy Planet:

"The scuttlebutt in Washington is that Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, is negotiating his fee to be the scapegoat or fall guy in this Valerie Plame debacle," writes Al Martin in his column called "Scooter Libby: Designated Scapegoat in the Valerie Plame Debacle. What About Bob Novak and Karl Rove?" (

"Speculation centers on Scooter's buy-out price, an estimated $30 million for doing 3 years on behalf of the Bush Cabal. Like the typical mob family, the Bush Cabal is supposed to take care of its own, i.e. those who do the time for the Bush Crime Family's crimes. In this case it is Scooter Libby."

And a toss of Blondesense wig curls to the Dark Wraith.

Several days late and a zillion dollars short

PENSACOLA: Man Convicted Of 'Antichrist' Slaying

Okay, this is NOT funny, but I have to admit that I was egotistical enough to be grabbed by the headline. One man was murdered and another permanently crippled, so, again, NOT funny. But it's a great headline, nonetheless.

NEW YORK: $241,000 Lap Dance Tab At Scores

Meet the lap dunce.

He's a married Internet mogul who ran up a $241,000 tab at Scores and then stiffed American Express on the bill - claiming it was more padded than one of the strip club's busty beauties, according to a lawsuit.

The interesting thing is, he's not the FIRST person to try to "welsh" on a massive Scores tab...

Bangladeshis dig the booty, too, apparently.

And Murkins are not exempt from the 'charms' of the Scores ladies, either...

Okay, so now we know why Howard left Alison... his part-ownership of the club obviously requires some serious in-depth organizational skills and a lot of long nights of hard work...


Mortuary delays frustrating to families

Apparently, if you lost a family member in the New Orleans Convention Center or Superdome during the Katrina genocide, they're now saying that it could be three months to two years before you learn what happened to their bodies/remains. Three months to two years.

And yes, you can betcher ass, FEMA is who's the cause of this clusterfuck.

Even when you're dead, this administration is still fucking you.


Remember when I mentioned how Gov. Haley Barbour is a flaming fucktard of a moron?

People in Biloxi are still living on what's left of their front porches, with no running water, sewerage, or even shelter from the mosquitos or the weather. But Haley's running around like Aunt Pitty-Pat, all a-fluster that anybody would question his "skills" and trying to holler that "Everything's okay, y'all, really, it's alllll okaaaayyyy!!!"

Y'know, unless you're POOR in Mississippi, which is, y'know, MOST of Mississippi.



Phil Harvey, Founder of Adam & Eve porn dynasty, spends his golden years preventing AIDS and STDs in Asia

Just how many condoms do his programs distribute?

"That's easy," he says, tapping at his computer. "Just a sec. Okay, here it is: 364,741,409. That's for last year. We also distributed just under twenty-three million cycles of pills, plus injectibles and IUDs."

Phil is my new hero. I wish that I had known this about Adam & Eve YEARS ago... just IMAGINE the revenue that I could've thrown their way!!!

Okay, kids, that's the haps from here, and if you've got a hankering for porn, toys or assorted adult entertainment, GO TO !!!

(They've even got HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!)

(And yes, I'll probably have something more creative after Halloween... and pictures, too!)

Monday, October 24

Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me

"Walker's World: Bush at bay"


The supposedly Bushco-friendly, Moon-owned UPI sure takes delight in tossing out these zingers:

"The CIA leak inquiry that threatens senior White House aides has now widened to include the forgery of documents on African uranium that started the investigation, according to NAT0 intelligence sources. This suggests the inquiry by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald into the leaking of the identity of undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame has now widened to embrace part of the broader question about the way the Iraq war was justified by the Bush administration."


"This opens the door to what has always been the most serious implication of the CIA leak case, that the Bush administration could face a brutally damaging and public inquiry into the case for war against Iraq being false or artificially exaggerated. This was the same charge that imperiled the government of Bush's closest ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, after a BBC Radio program claimed Blair's aides has "sexed up" the evidence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction".

Read it all at the UPI and a yank of the Blondesense wig to the Dark Wraith at The Dark Wraith Discussion Forum.

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia

Tattered Coat blog has the story about a military blogger who was silenced and forced to declare allegiance to the administration. Please read: Another Military Blogger Silenced while I vomit.

Hey Morons

Do you honestly think your new TV is going to work after it's been dragged through the water?

Mommy , Is It Fitzmas?

HALOSCAN UPDATE: Haloscan is accepting your comments now.
Reader Paul A. told me to go to haloscan settings and turn off the spam redirect in the beta section. It worked. Tell your blog friends with haloscan to do so!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Pissed Off Patricia appears to be in the eye of Hurricane WILMA! by the looks of the television coverage. There are maximum sustained winds of 110mph and the 'cane is battering Florida's east coast as a category 2, which is nothing to scoff at.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I was thinking that if today is Fitzmas, it isn't going to get much coverage is it? Maybe Fitzgerald ought to sit on the indictments until tomorrow. Hurricane Rita trumped the march on DC on September 24th. God really wants to get our attention, no?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The emperor is really losing it.
This is my favorite topic:

The NY Daily News 'Bushies feeling the boss' wrath' it is reported that the emperor is unhappy and is continuing to lash out at his staffers in the WH.I don't feel bad for him at all. If he loses his mind and goes ballistic, I suspect that I will enjoy it. He made his bed, and now he has to lie in it. (I bet he is wishing he went for a blowjob scandal rather than Unka Dick's stupid idea to invade a country.)

"Presidential advisers and friends say Bush is a mass of contradictions: cheerful and serene, peevish and melancholy, occasionally lapsing into what he once derided as the "blame game." They describe him as beset but unbowed, convinced that history will vindicate the major decisions of his presidency even if they damage him and his party in the 2006 and 2008 elections."

Wow. What good news. I don't care whether or not history vindicates bush, and I doubt it will but the best part of the paragraph above lowered my cholesterol: "...even if they damage him and his party in the 2006 and 2008 elections." Oh lordy lordy. If we can avoid a revolution in this country, I will be very happy. We have to oust the pathetic democratic pieces of shit who backed the emperor. It's very important that Dems vote in the primaries next year and both parties are released from the fascist hijackers. Weren't the Dems supposed to be liberal?

In the article, "W's legacy threatened" it appears that bushista supporters are concerned about the Iraq war and American deaths in Iraq... not because they actually give a shit about the American deaths, but how the American deaths affect them politically. You see, politics trumps humanity in the American right.

Speaking of Fitzmas, Reuters declares that Patrick Fitzgerald is seen as incorruptable
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Breaking Bad News 10:45am: 3 car bombs blasted the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad. Many journalists reside there. We're winning, right?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Breaking News: Jesus' General has a television screen shot of a couple fornicating behind a CNN reporter during the hurricane in Key West. heh.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sunday, October 23

"They knocked my towers down. So I was ready to go."

Gotta get this off my chest. Again.

Think about all the young men and women who enlisted after 9/11/01. They were angry and they wanted to kill the bad guys who attacked us. The president told us it was Osama bin Laden and something about the taliban and al qaida. Off they went to Afghanistan to blow up the country that already looked like rubble to me.

Osama bin Laden was allowed to escape from Tora Bora. Later on, the president when asked about OBL said that he didn't give much thought to OBL anymore. Oh that's nice. No wonder so many Americans buried their heads in the sand. They didn't want to believe what they were hearing.

No one on the homefront was asked to sacrifice after 9/11. When I read that it was Saudis who attacked us shortly after 9/11, I felt that we should let them eat sand and drink their stinking oil. I assumed that most Americans would quit buying gas guzzlers and use less oil to send a message to those thugs. No. I was wrong. Americans bought bigger and bigger vehicles sucking gasoline like there was no tomorrow making us more dependent on fossil fuels in the mid east. WTF?

Meanwhile the evil devilworshipping cabal (dick cheney et al) was working on Iraq, fixing evidence, illegally moving funds from the Afghan war to fund the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Why we needed to blow up the country in order to take out the dictator is still a mystery to me. Well, not really. We destroyed and/or allowed looters to defile ancient treasures and disrupt the lives of millions of Iraqi's.

Imagine that our troops were fighting for a democracy over there and all they got was a stinking Islamic state? They rushed into an undeclared war, underequipping the troops and dragging reservists and guardsmen out of their jobs on the homefront as if the US was about to be blown up... meanwhile Korea was threatening to nuke us and we hardly gave them a nod.

Every time someone tells me that Saddam was a bad man and needed to be taken out, I feel like smacking them upside the head as I recite the list of worse dictators and worse regimes who murder their own who are friends of the bushistas. Terrorists? I think our country ranks up there with terrorist states now. Shock and Awe? Give me a break.

The troops, like the Vietnam era vets are coming home in shock and awe. They are poisoned with depleted uranium, are welcomed by a country who thinks the war was a sham (although we support our troops by slapping chinese made magnetic ribbons on our guzzlers), they lost their jobs if they were in the NG or the reserves and 1 in 6 (reportedly) are suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome). Many are blowing their brains out when they get back from Iraq even if they aren't mangled.

The young soldier in the picture, a Long Island boy who enlisted on 9/13/01, was the epitome of heroism and his photo was slapped all over the news. ( See Today's Newsday article about Joseph Dwyer, former hero) Now he suffers from delusions and extreme PTSD and is a danger to himself and others. He lives in El Paso which reminds him of Iraq. He believes that the Iraqi's are trying to get him. He was raised a Catholic and now attends a Baptist Church in Texas, which if you ask me, adds insult to the injury. He was in a standoff in El Paso not long ago thinking he was under attack. Fortunately he didn't kill anyone locally.

To this day, over 160,000 Vietnam vets are receiving disability for PTSD and more have committed suicide than were killed in combat. 13,500 veterans from the first Gulf war and 10,000 Korean War veterans are still being treated for PTSD. It is considered wussiness to admit that you are suffering from PTSD if you are in the military so many troops are not seeking help. The sooner they ask for help, the more likely they are to recover from PTSD.

Anyone who supports this war and isn't fighting in it can kiss my ass and I am not afraid to tell them so. No, there is nothing that they can do stateside to support the war effort other than to commit suicide.

We are fighting them over there- Remember? So get your asses over there and send back the boys who were tricked into fighting your dirty, stinking, money grubbing, evil get rich quick scheme. Die for it, if it means so much to you.

Halloween Special Series: Spooky Stuff

Paranormal Gallery
Paranormal News
NY Ghost Chapter
Long Island Oddities
The Montauk Project
Haunted Gettysburg

Speaking of spooky places... a few years ago when I was being a photographer, I had a gig at the abandoned Pilgrim State insane asylum. Hundreds of great photos were taken at the complex because most of it was in ruins. After being chased down by a scary man in a pickup truck who accused us of tresspassing, the attractive 21 year old blonde who was the leader of the band I was shooting, gave the man her CD and charmed him. We then asked him if it was ok that we shoot her new album cover in the scariest place on the complex and could he direct us there. He told us of an old building which was presently being dismantled. He mentioned that the workers there dubbed the place "resident evil". He wasn't kidding. I had never believed in ghosts before that day. (that is not sunlight in the photo below)

Got a ghost story?

(Cross posted at BlogNYC)

News that fall through the cracks. Thanks MSM!

This past monday, Oct. 17, in New York City, there was a civil disobedience, conducted by " Grandmothers Against War" They are the same ladies called "Grandmothers for Peace" prior to the launching of the War in Iraq.

This courageous group of grandmothers ages 49 to 90, went to the Recruiting Office in Times Square, to enlist in the Armed Forces under the rationale that "we lived a long, prosperous life and by enlisting we can relieve some of our young soldiers from Iraq and give them a chance to live just as we lived".

As they arrived to the Recruiting Office, the recruiters didn't want to enlist old ladies in the Armed Forces, so they locked the entrance door and hid behind their desks.
The grandmothers rang the doorbell repeatedly, but the marines were too scared to show their faces.

The ladies thought: "if they are so scared of us, can you imagine how scared the insurgents would be in Iraq?"

The recruiters don't want to face gays and grandmothers at their office. The protesters set down on the sidewalk blocking the entrance to the Recruiting Office; the hardest thing they had to do with their worn joints.

Eighteen of them were arrested, jailed and booked and to the credit of Mayor Bloomberg (who is due for re-election) the cops were very nice to the grandmothers. They even help them up from the pavement, gingerly.

They were released from jail after four hours. They promised to return every wednesday to Rockefeller Plaza in protest of the War, until the troops come home.

You go ladies!

PS. Next week if indictments are handed out, regardless how many senior administration officials are indicted, it will throw this country in turmoil and constitutional crises. Let's celebrate putting the American Flag out. It can't be worst than three more years of this administration. After all it's Fitzmas season.

crossposted at Doomocracy

10/14: this post has been re-edited for accuracy.

Saturday, October 22

You Must read, "Fitzgerald's Historic Opportunity" by James Moore*

If you have not yet read this piece, you must. I have actually printed it out because I want to compare it to the final outcome of our five years in hell. Our five years that we have screamed, "Lies"! I want to have a program so I’ll be sure to know all the players.

I will bet you that reading this may make you cry because you will realize how much of our lives are riding on the outcome.

Here’s how it begins: "If special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald delivers indictments of a few functionaries of the vice president’s office or the White House, we are likely to have on our hands a constitutional crisis".

Here's the link:

*"James Moore is an Emmy-winning former television news correspondent and the co-author of the bestselling 'Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential'. He has been writing and reporting from Texas for the past 25 years on the rise of Rove and Bush, and has traveled extensively on every presidential campaign since 1976".

This Week's Outrage

Reader 'Red State Blues' is utterly disgusted with some Target pharmacists refusing to dispense contraceptives to customers. This is something that one would expect from Walmart. RSB says, "Target is very generous in the communities in which they operate, giving tons of money to local charities and schools. So this pains me a great deal, but shit like this cannot go unchallenged. If they need to be kicked where it hurts most, in their pocketbooks, then so be it." The following is a letter sent to Target and Blondesense urges you to follow suit and write to them:

Dear Target:

I am appalled at the stories in the media about pharmacists in your stores refusing to dispense lawfully prescribed medicine to patients. Birth control, including emergency contraception, is basic health care and restricting access to prescriptions is nothing short of discrimination.

While I appreciate that most pharmacists seek to protect their patient's health, even one zealous pharmacist at your chain that refuses to fill prescriptions based on personal beliefs jeopardizes the health and well-being of patients. It is not the place of a pharmacist to make ethical or moral judgments regarding a customer's needs; such is solely the purview of the woman, in consultation with her health care provider.

As a consumer, I expect your pharmacies to guarantee women the right to obtain their prescriptions -- without delay or personal judgment.

Until your pharmacy adopts and makes public a policy allowing women to purchase the products they need, in particular birth control, including emergency contraception, I WILL NOT spend another penny in your stores.

Very truly yours,
"red state blues"

In this week's episode of Fuck The Poor...

Bob Geiger tells how the Republican senators nay voted a measley $3.1 billion bill that would have subsidized the poor and elderly with their heating costs this winter. Bob also takes a look at The Blue and Red State Minimum Wage Divide. Except for Florida, the former slave states, or Red States as they like to call themselves, have minimum wages at or below the federal rate of $5.15 an hour. A great big "Fuck the Poor" goes out to the senators this week who rejected a modest increase in the federal minimum wage. After all, why should poor shlubs who work 40 hrs/week be paid a living wage? They won't sign up as cannon fodder in the military if we pay people too well. no?

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Friday, October 21

Plame plans to sue White House officials

(cross posted at Dark Wraith Discussion Forums):

"Joseph Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame are preparing to file a civil suit against Bush administration officials.

"Plame was the covert CIA agent allegedly unmasked by the WhiteHouse. Now she is preparing to file a civil lawsuit against the Bush administration officials who may have disclosed her identity and scuttled her career, reported Thursday".

From the supposedly friendly-to-Bush UPI (you remember, Moon's outfit): UPI Link

And thanks to John at Americablog. The other day John was so excited about the possibility of impending indictments that he said he peed his pants. Well, with this news Peter of Lone Tree just shit himself.

Judging Judges Judiciously

This morning Tom Delay’s lawyer objected to the judge who was assigned to the case because the judge had donated money to Delay’s lawyer feels the judge would be biased against Delay.

Yet the Republicans want us to believe that bush’s nomination for the Supreme Court, who has also been his personal lawyer and friend, would not come to the bench with a conservative bias.

A little something I just heard about Harriet. You know those little courtesy calls she’s making to each Senator? Well, they have stopped the visits because things were going so badly. Guess HairYet isn’t very good with, well, people.

Lets begin guessing how many days it will be until we hear that dear Harriet wants to withdraw her name from the nomination and withdraw her body from Washington in order to spend more time with her...her...her...her makeup mirror and greeting card collection.

Screaming for a caption

Halloween Notes

Today's Halloween post invites you to visit the History Channel online and discover the Origins of Halloween plus other interesting items of note.

Yesterday, astute reader, Auntie Roo posted a link to Extreme Pumpkins. I laughed until I cried. This site is amazing. The creator of the site writes: "We will carve that sumbitch into something ugly and plop it on the front porch. October 31st we will light it brightly enough to give visiting children suntans." Yeah, baby.

They’re Beginning to Eat Their Own

One Conservative group is dishing up good old Ann Coulter, well done.

Check it out here: (Bradblog Link).

Thursday, October 20

My Favorite Mug Shots

No Crime, Criminal or Crony Left Behind

The more we learn, the more we realize it’s all been a tragic farce. From the day the Supreme Court shut down the Florida recount until today, it’s all been so wrong.

Before September 11, 2001, george bush’s ratings were not good. People were realizing that he wasn’t what he had been sold to be. At that time he looked similar to what Harriet Miers looks like today. Someone without the necessary goods to do the job.

In many ways the losses of that murderous day in 2001 saved george bush’s political life. One must wonder what would have been his fate had those attacks not occurred.

Then there was the day he stepped upon the rubble of almost three thousand lives with a bullhorn and leaned on the shoulder of a fireman. He made his most surely scripted response to that most surely scripted statement, and somehow the people of the United States were seduced. They wrapped the American flag around them and snuggled up to their war president. This was the knight on the white steed who would ride out and avenge the wrongs and pain they had suffered. This man, george bush, would take care of business. We would show those bullies. The lesson was don’t mess with the U.S. because we have a “Don’t Mess With Texas” kind of gunslinger and he was hungry for retribution.

So off our military goes to Afghanistan to fight the devils who had planned the 9-11 attacks. The Taliban took a beating, but the man who is accused of masterminding the attacks slipped quietly away. He went from being wanted dead or alive to not mattering all that much anymore.

The war president had achieved his glory with this little war, but the glory was beginning to fade. He needed another, bigger war, the one he had dreamed of. So, while the United States was still basking in the afterglow of Afghanistan, a new war was planned. Never mind that there was no necessity or urgency for this war. That wasn’t going to get in the way. Criminals and cronies would take care of the details, even if some crimes might be required. Meanwhile, those still sipping cocktails and smoking cigarettes in the bliss that was Afghanistan would believe anything their caresser told them. And, the crooks and cronies gave him plenty to tell his adoring masses.

Three years later that war goes on, but the sensual afterglow has worn off. The citizens have awoken to find their rubble pile seducer has abandoned them. He’s moved on and left them tired and with a feeling of being used. He robbed their wallets and sneaked away into the dank and dreary night. All he left behind is rumpled sheets and an empty glass. The air in the room is stale and it reeks of something strange.

Now, with the realization of their seducer’s use of crimes, criminals, and cronies, the public feels disgust. Many of them want their seducer brought to justice and they want him to pay for what he has done to them. Sadly, there are others who cannot admit their fate. They can’t admit or are too ashamed to acknowledge what has been done to them. They continue to believe he will return. They believe every word he told them. They believe he has only borrowed the money from their wallets. They believe they are worthy of his affection. After all, he promised he would never leave them behind.

But, he has left them behind. He had his fill of them. Oh sure, he may return sometime when he is desperate, but for now all he needs are his crimes, criminals and cronies. He can’t afford to leave them behind, because they are his only prowess.

The Unraveling

Financial Times:
"Vice-President Dick Cheney and a handful of others had hijacked the government's foreign policy apparatus, deciding in secret to carry out policies that had left the US weaker and more isolated in the world, the top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed on Wednesday.
Among his other charges:

■ The detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere was “a concrete example” of the decision-making problem, with the president and other top officials in effect giving the green light to soldiers to abuse detainees. “You don't have this kind of pervasive attitude out there unless you've condoned it.”

■ Condoleezza Rice, the former national security adviser and now secretary of state, was “part of the problem”. Instead of ensuring that Mr Bush received the best possible advice, “she would side with the president to build her intimacy with the president”.

■ The military, particularly the army and marine corps, is overstretched and demoralised. Officers, Mr Wilkerson claimed, “start voting with their feet, as they did in Vietnam. . . and all of a sudden your military begins to unravel”."

Fuel Prices Affect the Blonde Family

Oh yeah, the economy is just great.

The husband who is a parts manager at a Ford dealer reported to me last night over dinner that since they aren't selling new cars, he was told to lay off the best parts driver he ever had in 33 years. What a parts driver has to do with not selling cars is baffling to this blonde and even to grouchy husband.

After all, Ford's break and get into accidents. (Fix Or Repair Daily -Found On Road Dead) The parts driver delivers parts to body shops and repair shops all over the island. How will parts sales do if there is no one to deliver the parts? The parts department employees work on commission. Why not lay off the car salesmen? Or maybe put one of them in the parts department to help drum up more parts sales to offset the car sales? I ought to go there and offer my advice.

Parts sales were still good but will sink when regular clients (especially ones that buy expensive fenders and quarter panels) find out that they won't have reliable delivery, if any delivery? What will happen is that the husband's income will now drop but he will still work hard and long hours missing sales calls if he has to go out on the road to deliver to the best customers.

So the husband went to the general manager and made a case for the need of a parts driver. The company graciously offered him the prep guy who is bored, who has no clue how to navigate and can barely speak enough English to collect money. Furthermore, he is a few fries short of a Happy MealĂ‚™. Husband suspects that the prep guy will fuck up royally and then he'll will hopefully make the case to rehire the fabulous and reliable driver who was laid off (assuming that he doesn't find another job).

There is a union deal that the guys with the least seniority, no matter how great a worker he/she is, must be laid off first. Don't get me wrong- unions are good to have, but when times get tough, sometimes you are stuck with the bottom of the barrel. Why are the bottom of the barrel still working there, you ask? Answer: You can't fire them.

The owner of the dealer died about a month ago. Around election time, he was telling the employees that there is no room for anyone who doesn't plan to vote for bush. Imagine telling a union shop to vote for bush? Too bad he's dead. I would have called him and given him a piece of my mind.