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Friday, September 23

You Can’t Mend a Balloon Either

So damned much happening and it seems to have no end in sight. While we all sit and watch hell’s fury approaching the Texas coast with the fresh memories of what hell’s other fury did to the Gulf Coast, no wonder we are weary. It’s been a weary five years hasn’t it?

This morning we see the miles of cars creeping along in Texas. We imagine the frustration and the anxiety. Then we hear that just outside Dallas a bus filled with elderly evacuees has burned. Not only are the poor passengers suffering from their injuries, assuming there will be survivors, but that highway will be shut down for some time and the people in the cars will be delayed even more than they already were.

To make this whole surreal scene more complicated, we hear that bush will travel to Texas today to see that plans are running smoothly. In the middle of all the events occurring today, why doesn’t he keep his own required disturbance out of the way?

Here’s why. After the last hurricane bush’s inadequacies became painfully evident. Just like a faulty balloon his image finally gave way under too much pressure, and for all means and purposes, he did what a faulty balloon will do, his image deflated rapidly. He was finally seen for what he really is and his ratings popped. His handlers saw his overly inflated image shrinking and losing air. They quickly sent him to the hurricane damaged Gulf Coast area for nothing more than photo ops. But, like any other balloon with a hole in it, his image could not be re-inflated. They tried to blow air into the balloon but that just made the hole bigger as the air escaped.

Now they feel they have a do-over, a second chance. They think they can cover his flaws or mend the hole in the balloon, by sending him to Texas. It won’t work. You can never blow up a damaged balloon. You cannot mend or patch a hole in a balloon. Once the damage is done, once the flaw has given way, the balloon is useless.

So while the people in Texas try to juggle multiple disasters, the last thing they need is a president in the way as he selfishly tries to repair his own disastrously damaged image. You can’t inflate a faulty balloon and you can’t erase the faulty image of a president. Once they are damaged, both are useless.

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