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Tuesday, September 20

You Can’t Judge a War by "Exploding" Things?

"US military planners are considering extended tours of duty for some units in Iraq if more US troops are needed for the upcoming elections there, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday.

"Lawrence DiRita, the defense department's chief spokesman, said it was "entirely possible" commanders would want to boost the force in Iraq beyond its current level of 140,000.

"And I guess the thinking at the moment is, if we did need more and it was based on rotations, how would that work?" he said.

"And what would the impact be on units that might wind up getting extended a week or two beyond their one year?"

"DiRita denied, however, that the reassessment of force levels was prompted by a surge in suicide bombings that have killed more than 200 civilians in Iraq over the past week.

"That's not a good way to determine how good or bad things are, by how many things are exploding," he told reporters."

You can read the rest here: IC Publications.

Well, Mr. DiRita, how do you determine how good or bad things are? My gut instinct tells me that if no “things” are exploding, that would be a good thing. And just for the record, those exploding “things” are killing human beings.

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