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Monday, September 19

Why Did You Watch?

When Katrina was rumbling north in the Gulf of Mexico were you watching? Did it send a chill down your spine when the hurricane was upgraded to a category five? Did you know about the fragile levee system that held the water out of New Orleans? Was there a time that you said to yourself, “Holy shit, this could be the big one”? From that moment on, did the hurricane’s progress demand your constant attention and interest? Were you fearful for the people of the area?

Then as the hurricane passed, did your concern continue as you wondered if the levees would hold? You didn’t leave the scene on your TV, did you? You could almost feel a national anxiety throughout the entire US. There were so many horrible possibilities and yet we watched, because well, we’re human beings and human beings are curious. We wanted to know what this giant hurricane could do and what it would do. We felt and saw the horror that ate up the Gulf Coast.

There was one person who totally escaped the curiosity, the anxiety and the interest of the event. He didn’t read the newspaper and he apparently didn’t watch the weather channel, or any other channel on television. Somehow he avoided the mental anguish we all felt. He avoided the concern we felt for our fellow human beings in the path of the hurricane. Why didn’t he watch? Why, as president of the United States, didn’t he demand every piece of news he could get about the situation from beginning to end? No matter how much of a bubble he lives in, how could he not be glued to the news? Even if he didn’t really care about the people in the Gulf area, even if his heart is cold as ice and black as coal, how could he not be interested in such a live, unique event? This was an event like none of us have ever witnessed before and according to what we hear, the president of this country didn’t watch it live, but instead he waited for it to come out on DVD.

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