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Friday, September 30

"Who Did You Torture During The War, Daddy?"

Or, We Are All Torturers Now

By Ted Rall

09/29/05 "ICH"-- -- NEW YORK--"Never miss the Saturday paper. Because it's the skimpiest and least-circulated edition of the week, it's the venue of choice for lowballing the stories the government can't completely cover up. September 24's New York Times, for example, contained the bombshell revelation that the U.S. government continues to torture innocent men, women and children in Iraq.

"An army captain and two sergeants from the elite 82nd Airborne Division confirm previous reports that Bagram and other concentration camps in U.S.-occupied Afghanistan are a kind of Torture University where American troops are taught how to abuse prisoners who have neither been charged with nor found guilty of any crime. 'The soldiers told Human Rights Watch that while they were serving in Afghanistan,' reports The Times, 'they learned the stress techniques [sic] from watching Central Intelligence Agency operatives interrogating prisoners.' Veterans who served as prison guards in Afghanistan went on to apply their newfound knowledge at Abu Ghraib and other facilities in U.S.-occupied Iraq...."

The rest is at Tom Feeley's Information Clearing House.

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