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Friday, September 16

What the Hell?

Okay, this is my “come to Jesus” moment. I let you guys down last night. I told you I would watch and listen to bush’s speech. Well, I did sort of half of what I said I would do. I mostly watched his speech.

See, I became fixated on the eeriness of the opening shot. It looked ghostly to me. The funky lighting on the buildings, and by the way, what luck getting the power on there just in time. Then Casper the friendly president comes walking out of the darkness. Okay I tried to turn on my listening senses but I couldn’t because all I could do was watch what appeared to be the president’s head animated and photoshopped onto a blue shirted upper torso. I couldn’t figure out why he looked so strange, and by the way I still can’t.

This may not be what he said, but it’s what I suspect I heard. He said we have tons of money to give to his pals under the guise of rebuilding the area. He said churches will make out like bandits if they follow him and god, and well, all Republicans. He said fuck the environment we have work to do and we don’t need no stinkin’ EPA badges. Then he capitalized the entire word “compassion” and hit bold. Then he hit “repeat” about a dozen times. He told us how funerals are carried out in New Orleans. That seemed a bit unseemly considering all the dead bodies that have been floating around so long they won’t even get a funeral. Then of course he said god bless America and hit the road.

I’ll try to read his speech today and get a better grip on what he said. It’s hard to listen to someone when you are constantly repeating, “What the hell is going on with his head?”

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