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Thursday, September 15

Vatican to Check U.S. Seminaries on Gay Presence

YIKES! There won't be too many seminarians left.

NY Times: The Vatican document, given to The New York Times yesterday by a priest, surfaces as Catholics await a Vatican ruling on whether homosexuals should be barred from the priesthood.

In a possible indication of the ruling's contents, the American archbishop who is supervising the seminary review said last week that "anyone who has engaged in homosexual activity or has strong homosexual inclinations," should not be admitted to a seminary.

Edwin O'Brien, archbishop for the United States military, told The National Catholic Register that the restriction should apply even to those who have not been sexually active for a decade or more.
Pope Benedict Arnold seeks to purify the church. Hmmm. Wonder what they'll do with the gay seminarians who are almost ready to be ordained?

When I was in the seminary, one of my professors told the class that the latest crop of seminarians were a bunch of "interior designers". He was an old man and quite hilarious at times. He said he always ate meat on Fridays because he thought it was a ridiculous church rule that had no bearing on Jesus' ministry. He was an expert in the synoptic gospels as well as John's gospel. I wonder if he is in hell now? Nah. He was adorable. He told us that moral theology, when he was a student in the seminary, consisted of whether or not chewing gum or brushing one's teeth before communion counted as breaking a fast. Heh. My moral theology classes were so complicated that the professors were sometimes theologians, doctors and lawyers simultaneously. I don't know if they were gay or not and we usually didn't discuss homosexuality because there were more important issues to dissect such as invitro fertilization and cloning- cool stuff like that. But I digress, as usual. Blonde thing, I guess.

Back to interior design and the seminary: Oh yeah, the old professor told us that the seminarians were a bunch of interior designers. The seminarians at that time decorated the main entryway so beautifully. The flower arrangements plus the vignettes with the bible opened to a particular passage and the candles situated "just so" was striking. I figured that these young men would run beautiful parishes that would be stunning especially on holy days. I could just imagine Christmas (which we learned really didn't happen to my shock and dismay) at one of their parishes. I am sure it would take your breath away. (I went to Parsons School of Design for Interior Design after art school but before business school, so I know my stuff.) I highly doubted that one of those young men would go on to be a child molester. My interior design teachers at Parsons, were flamboyant homosexuals and would put Christopher Lowell to shame, but I never saw any remote sign that they would prey on children. A few years after I graduated ('92) from the seminary , one of the seminarians I once knew, who was later ordained, was in Newsday accused of raping a boy. oy vay and dammit. Practically every single professor from Parsons eventually died of AIDS. I went there at the beginning of the Reagan years. God rest their wonderful souls. + + +

I digressed again. Sorry. I suppose that a child molester can slip by, but I really don't think that gay men should be eliminated from the priesthood. It's simply not fair to categorize gay men as potential child rapers, when in fact there are married men who have been known to molest little boys. A child molester is a child molester and a rapist is a rapist. I don't know if anyone has invented a way to screen for that behavior rather than to just blatantly strip the catholic church of needed priests. Not that I practice any religion anymore, but I'm just saying.

And by the way, what about priests that abuse females? Guess they don't care about that. And what about all the priests who have affairs with consenting lonely housewives or lonely husbands? You know, they should just let priests get married if they want to. They should ordain women too. They should ordain gay couples. what the hell. What a bunch of old fashioned wussies they have in the Vatican.

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