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Thursday, September 22

Terrorists are Jealous of Mother Nature, according to the President of the United States

While speaking yesterday, bush said

* "You know, something we -- I've been thinking a lot about how America has responded, and it's clear to me that Americans value human life, and value every person as important. And that stands in stark contrast, by the way, to the terrorists we have to deal with. You see, we look at the destruction caused by Katrina, and our hearts break. They're the kind of people who look at Katrina and wish they had caused it. We're in a war against these people. It's a war on terror. These are evil men who target the suffering. They killed 3,000 people on September the 11th, 2001."

A day without a mention of terrorist and 9-11 is like a day he can’t fathom. But my reason for quoting him is that the line about terrorists looking at the hurricane damage and wishing they had caused it, has got to be one of the most juvenile and bizarre things he has ever said. What the hell does he mean? How can he jump from hurricane tragedy to the war on terror as though they somehow follow one another? Seems to me that if anyone is using the hurricane for their own benefit, it would be him as he uses it to get the conversation away from the suffering that is still going on along the Gulf Coast and connects it in some very strange way to support his never ending war.

Does he actually think the terrorists are sitting around watching TV and they say to one another, gosh, wish we could create hurricanes and send them to the US? If he isn’t drinking, as questionably reported by the National Enquirer, then what is his excuse for behaving like a imbecile?

* Link to quote Republican Jewish Coalition

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