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Tuesday, September 13

still ain't done yet

Still waiting on the damned FEED STORE.


Can't bitch too much, the guy got us 22 cases of cat & dog food at HIS COST, so it ain't like I can sic the Mormons on him or anything... But none of it has arrived yet, so 360 lbs. of pine-shaving cat litter, about 50 lbs. of dog & cat toys, harnesses, and two giant jugs of PupCorn dog treats are still taking up most of Jake's apartment.

And as soon as we get the tail-end of those PayPal donations together, we're sending a lump-sum donation to Andrea at, who's holding Fort New Orleans together via her kitchen and probably a shitload of propane.

And we're also dropping cash on the LSU Vet School Emergency Animal Shelter and the Baton Rouge Food Bank.

If & when we can finally leave the fucking HOUSE again!!!

Who's bitching? Not me, who said that I was bitching?!?!

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