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Monday, September 26

Reflections on The DC March

The pictures I took from Saturday's protest in DC are now online here.
Video to come soon.

This administration and our politicians are a joke. We only have one party as far as I am concerned. This war on Iraq is an illegal war. Congress did not declare it. Of course we support the troops. They are our sons and daughters. I have yet to hear one war monger explain to me why this war was necessary and what would be the negative effects of the US pulling out other than economic. We need government who cares about the citizens in order to be a democracy. We do not need corporate whores.

We are not safe. Homeland Security was a waste of resources. If our country cannot deal with a couple of hurricanes, how could they possibly deal with terror attacks? They can't and they won't.

Very few counter-protesters turned out on Saturday in DC. I felt sorry for them as they are brainwashed and will not face reality. It's hard to believe that you sent your loved one off to an illegal war which is not making us or the Iraqi's safe or free. Yeah, reality bites and when I first faced the reality of this neo-fascist government, I didn't want to believe it either. Honestly, I would love nothing more than to find out that I was wrong and that we really are the greatest country in the world and this war will make the world a better place. I love my country and I won't sit idly by as we are hijacked by evil people and soul-less corporations. I have compassion for those still in denial and I will welcome them with open arms and console them when they wake up.

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