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Monday, September 19

Please Help Stop Rep Pombo from Weakening the Endangered Species Act

While everyone is concentrating on the hurricane there is a dirty little thing trying to happen.

"Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA) has stated that this week he will introduce a bill that would greatly rewrite the Endangered Species Act. Representative Pombo has long carried the message of developers and is Congress' loudest opponent of endangered species protections. He is also chair of the House Resources Committee.

"A hearing on the bill is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21, and a committee vote on Thursday, September 22. Please act now.

"The Endangered Species Act is the most important federal wildlife law that protects manatees and other endangered and threatened species of animals and plants. Rep. Pombo has not yet released the full legislative language, but according to the summary, the bill would:...

Please! Please go here: Save the and read the rest. They give simple instructions about what you can do.

Please contact your Representatives and let’s try to stop this insanity. It will only take you a minute and it could make a world of difference for our wonderful wild world and for our wonderful wildlife.

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