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Monday, September 5

Pickup Truck Rescue Missions Update

12:50A, CDT

Okay, I'm brain-dead, but I'll try and lay it out as well as I can.

Our PayPal account is currently showing over $1,600. We've got another GRAND coming in the mail. We've gotten over $1,600 from Western Union.

I'll do the actual math tomorrow or the next day, when my left-brained ass is functional again.

We spent $300+ on the first load, to the St. Francisville shelter, and over $100 on the first load part B, to Second Harvest Food Bank's truck convoy.

Today, we spent over $1,200 at Wally World (ugh, yeah, I know, but whattayagonna do without a COSTCO?!??!) today, on non-perishable food, baby food, cereals, baby formula, juices, diapers, baby supplies, first aid supplies, toiletries, Tylenol & Aleve & Advil, feminine needs, dog & cat food, and a few D-Cell batteries for flashlights.

We're either going to send the dog & cat food & one of the cat carriers that my fat-assed spoiled chirren have outgrown to the LSU Veterinary School, where they're housing & treating THOUSANDS of abandoned animals, or wait for MJS & his friend to get here in their Rental Panel Truck Of Mercy, coming from L.A. to rescue as many loose/abandoned animals as humanly possible. When I hear from them on the road, I'll let y'all know.

We dumped the entire load (except for the pet stuff) at Second Harvest tonight. Met a great guy named Freddy, and his little son, Little Freddy, who were evacuated from New Orleans East. Their apartment complex was under water up to the THIRD FLOOR. They were so kind, and so wonderful, it's amazing how people's true natures shine in situations like this, if I don't sound too condescending or trite there.

Anyway, as soon as the PayPal account verifies my banking account and can get the rest of all of that money (from all over this country, AND England and France!!!), we're doing another load or twelve. We've got our shopping list from the guys at Second Harvest, and we'll also be hitting the LSU shelters if & when possible. The Red Nazi Cross has the Centroplex/River Center in downtown Baton Rouge LOCKED-OFF, and will NOT accept ANY donations, from ANYFUCKING BODY. Corrupt motherfuckers, they are. And we trust them with our LIVES?!?!?

Okay, enough bitching for now, I'm dead fucking tired and so grateful to all of you for your kindness, your generosity of spirit, and your undying dedication to help all of these people. Your faith in me is so humbling, it makes me babble a lot. Shock, really.

Digital pictures will be posted soon, when I can process that along with the math.

Thank you all again. You have amazed me a billion times. And know that the people of New Orleans KNOW what you're doing, and that they love & appreciate you all so much.



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