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Monday, September 26

The One Trick Clown in the Center Ring

Our favorite clown will appear in the center ring at 10:55 this morning and he’ll probably try a different version of his same old trick. He’s going to speak to us about something. Who the hell knows what? He’s probably going to say that the new head of FEMA worked it out so that not only did hurricane Rita drop from a category 5 to a category 3 before it came ashore, but also that he engineered its landfall so that it skirted the larger cities in Texas. Wow, talk about a take charge kind o’ guy.

Anymore, it’s not what he says, because, well, who cares? It’s how he says it. Will he use his new favorite way of speaking? Will he say something and then follow it with, "in other words"? He does that a lot lately. It’s as if he thinks we can’t understand as adults. After he says, "in other words", he repeats his previous thought in a simpler, plainer, this is how we talk back home, doofus sort of way, always leaving the "g" off any words ending in "ing". If he is wearing his cowboy belt buckle, count on there being no words ending with "g" in his speech. You see what I’m sayin’?

As I understand it this morning he wants to put the Pentagon in charge of future search and rescue efforts. To my way of thinking that has a lot of scary possibilities, not the least of which is having Rumsfeld, or anyone around him, running anything. At last check his record is less than sterling when it comes to planning. The war in Iraq is the only evidence one needs, to know that the Pentagon isn’t up to snuff at doing anything but killing human beings. Rescue is not presently its strong suit.

The line is beginning to form. The circus is opening its gate one more time. The best seats are near the center ring. The Clown in Chief will be appearing there soon. He’ll walk in and do his trick. He has several versions of the same trick. Too bad he doesn’t realize that we’ve all figured out his trick. We know how he does it. We see what his hands are doing and we aren’t distracted by his words. But you know what? There’s something entertaining about watching him ignorantly believing that we buy his act. Some say there’s nothing funnier that a clown, but personally they scare me to death. Especially a desperate clown who knows only one trick.

Since I wrote this post, the clown did appear in the center ring. He seemed to have a very difficult problem as he performed his act. This time he tried to juggle, but it didn’t work. He dropped the ball.

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