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Thursday, September 15

Maybe this is how we got into this hand basket

While chatting with two professional men last week, the subject of the war in Iraq came up. I told them my story about my friend who was in Iraq the first 14 months of the war. I also stated he was in the National Guard. Both men just looked at me and did a second or two of mouth breathing. In unison they said, “The National Guard are not in Iraq”. They were so adamant that for a second I too mentally questioned my own words. Then I said, “Yes the National Guard are fighting in Iraq. About half the Guard from all the states are in Iraq.” They still weren’t convinced. I asked them if they ever watch the coverage of the war on television or read about it in the newspapers. One man replied, “Why would I want to watch depressing things?” The other man shook his head in agreement.

A lady called into C-Span, I believe it was yesterday morning, and said there was no excuse for people being poor in New Orleans. She said they were just lazy. She said you have to just get a job and work your way up. And then she said, “You get a job washing dishes at McDonalds and work your way up” And I’m thinking, work your way up to what? Do you strive to be the person who asks, do you want fries with that? And just for a kicker, how many McDonalds does that lady think there are in New Orleans? This lady is clueless about poverty and human beings in general. You gotta wonder how many dishes she ever washed at McDonalds?

Those two men are probably not the only ones who are so deadly uninformed about the war. That lady is probably not the only one who knows absolutely nothing about any life style but her own. And it just might be people like these who boosted our asses right up into this hand basket and shoved us all off to hell. Has anyone noticed that we are now traveling at warp speed?

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