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Thursday, September 15

Maybe it’s Time for a Party

I’m not talking a political party. Wait, maybe I am. Anyway, as we all know tonight bush will be giving his “come to Jesus” speech about the hurricane damages. He’s going to ask for a shitload of money and tell us wondrous things. I know that a lot of you guys aren’t going to watch it due to bullshit overload and I understand. I have already volunteered to watch it for you with a little help from my friends at Sapphire Gin. Hey, a girl needs friends, right?

I haven’t a TV in the room with my computer so I can’t watch the speech and blog. Why don’t you guys drop by tonight around 9:00pm on the east coast and party in the comments dept. I’ll join you if I can live through watching this train wreck of a president.

Of course we’ll have the adult beverages and all that goes with them. Seems as I recall the last time we had a party The Heretik fell asleep and slept over. That’s cool, we have lots of room at Blondesense.

So if you aren’t busy and want to just have a drink, act silly, do a little ranting, or get stuff off your chest, come on by. You know you’re always welcome here. See ya later.

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