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Thursday, September 29

Letter To Ms Hughes on Women's Silly Rights

Dear Ms Hughes,

I read that you met with anti-American war hating women in Turkey. It must have been so jarring to have a session with foreigners who had the audacity to speak their own minds... especially women. The US Embassy there did not handle the guest list as per usual, but allowed a radical fringe group that supports women's rights to invite guests. You must have been outraged. I was. It is absolutely necessary to hand pick those who meet with members of the bush administration or else gruesome people who hate war seem to come out of the woodwork. They must have been women who don't color their hair or shave their legs.

You really won my heart and mind when you responded to that silly woman who said, "War makes the rights of women completely erased, and poverty comes after war -- and women pay the price." You said, "You're concerned about war, and no one likes war. But to preserve the peace, sometimes my country believes war is necessary." Right on sister. You sure put her stupid comment to rest. In a time of bringing peace and democracy to the world, we must not be so selfish to worry about women or poverty. It's our duty as women to pay the price for war! Sometimes I get so upset by women and their needs that I over-brush my long blonde hair and forget to cook dinner for my man or vacuum the house before he comes home from work.

Thankfully the story about your meeting with those who are not receiving US funding made the news this one time because it is important for us to see the anti-Americanism that lurks out there in the rest of the world if for a minute. If you don't mind though, lets get back to only speaking with those who love America and benefit from America so that my heart doesn't have to skip a beat and sink so low, that I accidentally whitened my teeth twice in one day, when I hear about women who complain about their silly rights. It's just not fair.

The Blonde One

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