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Thursday, September 29

joy yesterday, justice tomorrow

I hope that you enjoyed Tom DeLay's indictment and public shaming yesterday, because as of this morning, it's all over but the smack of the gavel.

Because Dick DeGuerin is representing Tom DeLay.

Just read this story from the Round Top Register.

He’s a lawyer made from the same stuff as legends like Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, F. Lee Bailey, Melvin Belli and his own mentor, Percy Foreman. He’s a modern day Daniel Webster, and if what some of the D.A.s say is true, there’s a little bit of the devil in there too.

He’s a criminal defense attorney and he’s one of the best. Who says so? Why none other than the State Bar of Texas. In 1994, they named him “Outstanding Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year.”

He was in Waco representing David Koresh during his standoff with the FBI and the ATF. He pushed Barbara Piotrowski’s wheel chair into the courtroom after she was allegedly shot by exercise mogul Richard Minns. He sat by Lilla Paulus in Houston when she was tried for her involvement in the murder of John Hill. He stood with U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson while she was fighting for her political life against DA Ronnie Earle in Austin. He represented Ramsey Muniz, La Raza Unida’s candidate for Governor, as he fought a losing battle over drugs and he took up for Juana Leija, the mother who tried to drown all six of her children and herself, when the DA wanted the death penalty.

Case closed.

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