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Thursday, September 15

Here's Where Your Money Went:

LSU Vet School/Emergency Animal Shelter: $800 cash & $1,100+/- in supplies (PetSmart, Plantation Feed & Supply, Wally World, General Dollar Store)

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank: $800 cash

St. Francisville Shelter (displaced New Orleanians)/Best Western & Second Harvest Food Banks: $1,800+ in food & supplies (I think I lost a receipt, so it's probably closer to 2 grand)

The retired New Orleans couple that we adopted at West Feliciana Parish Hospital: $163 & change (including some cash) $330 via PayPal, with $700 more to go down to NOLA tomorrow.

So, there you have it, kids. I haven't tallied up all of the PayPal totals & Western Union totals yet, or how much we spent on gas & drive-thru food, but those are the round numbers of what we did for people & pets.

Of all of the grateful faces that we saw over the past three weeks, I think that my favorites were at LSU: One lady, sort of a manager of volunteers & donations (see the pix soon to be posted), just about FELL OUT when I told her how much cash we were leaving (along with a little over half a TON of kitty litter, dog & cat food, harnesses, toys, treats, etc.) --- I gave her the Cliff's Notes of how all of these wondeful people all over America (and England, Holland, Australia and France!) sent money to us, because they didn't want to waste time & be bullshitted by the wait-six-days-and-THEN-maybe-we'll-do-something Red (Iron) Cross.

She stopped writing the receipt, looked up at me with her eyes wide, and said, "Do you KNOW these people??!?" I chuckled and said, "Ohhhh, yeah. They're good folk. They just get tired of governmental horseshit REAL QUICK." She laughed.

And then there was this wonderful guy out back of the livestock barns of the Parker Coliseum, who helped us unload that half-ton of stuff, and he was LIVID about how FEMA had come in, with the National Guard, and TAKEN OVER THEIR OPERATION, INCLUDING THE MONEY AND INCOMING DONATIONS. When I told him that we brougth CASH, he almost fainted with joy (or heat & humidity). He was no fan of the bloodsucking opportunistic Bushitters, either. Or the corporations who are already giving themselves "credit" for donating millions more than they actually HAVE. He was THRILLED that we had done all of this from individual donors, from real people out there who gave a damn, and who were fed up with waiting on the "big boys" to shit or get offa the pot. Such a sweet guy, I wish to hell that I'd stopped slinging those 20-lb. bags of kitty litter long enough to get his picture. Yeah, well, Louisiana heat makes you work faster, what can I say. And no, I will not be slinging 20-lb. bags of ANYTHING again anytime soon. Owee.

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank people were so gracious and thankful (see the pic with the Exec. Director who came out to shake my hand --- I've got to look that guy's name up one of these days). I was a little worried that they might've mistaken me for some redneck/klan idiot when I said, "Well, we decided to give to y'all because you'll make sure that it's getting to the right people." That's certainly not what I meant when I said it, but I'm not real good in those office/altruistic situations, so I was babbling a bit. Anyway, he replied that he was definitely getting food down to St. Bernard Parish, which was DECIMATED (and which has received little to no attention from the media), as well as Washington Parish, which is still trying to get lights & gas over there (small rural parish, last on the to-do list for FEMA). I hope he knew what I meant, because the GBRFB is kinda skirting around FEMA & their "directives" as to where the food & help should go, and that's why we wanted to hit them with some cash. You just can't be too careful how you say "the right people" in Baton Rouge --- it could go any number of ways in the crotch of the Bible Belt.

Our retired couple from the WFPH were moved to EAST Feliciana Parish on Sunday, so we haven't had a chance to get over there (and the gas-gouging is NOT over!) to check on them, nor have they called, so I'm a little worried. But hey, at least we gave a shit, which is more than I can say about any of the people who'd been "handling" them before us.

Okay, so thanks for hanging in with us through all of this clusterfuck/nightmare, thank all of y'all for being so patient, so generous, so kind, and so considerate. Jake & I both appreciate all of your kind words & deeds. Frankly, it's y'all's belief in us to do this thing that kept us going when our bodies wanted to say "FUCKIT!" and head for a beach somewhere. 'Cause believe me, I am SO too old for this shit. Oy. Anyway, now it's finally time for my long-awaited coma, so I'm going to rustle-up some vittles and get my fat ass horizontal.

Y'all are the coolest motherfuckers on the planet, btw. But mainly I blame Liz for getting us into this fiasco in the first place... heh heh heh... But without y'all, and all of the wonderful blogs who helped push this thing, we'd never have left the house. I'll always regret that we didn't get into Orleans Parish, but the fat lady ain't sung on that one yet, either. So take care, know that y'all really did help a whole lot of real people in Louisiana, and be glad that y'all are too impatient to wait for the clusterfuckers to fuck us some more!

Thank you, from the bottom of my black, charred, cold and dark little lump of coal that I call my heart.


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