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Sunday, September 25

DC March A Success!

I just returned from DC with Billydoom where we exercised our freedom of speech for about 7 hours on our feet yesterday with the most hospitable blondesense reader, Ms Red State Blues. For me, it was deja vu and I felt like a kid again. But it was not the good kind of 'feeling like a kid again'. I was rather pissed that we had to march against war again in my lifetime. I'm getting too old for this. I'm in my golden years for gawd's sake. I am supposed to be golfing on weekends, not marching in DC against yet another quagmire.

Kudos to the organizers for doing such a great job and keeping it safe and orderly. The DCPD were cool unlike NYPD rednecks. I have no idea how many people were there, but were a lot. I imagine that the watchers in the menacing helicopter that scanned our retinas monitored the parade could give an accurate number but I doubt if they would tell you.

I observed that there were hardly, if any, 30 somethings at the march. The crowd consisted of the young, the older and the pretty darn old. Probably there were more folks in the late forties and over crowd than the younger folks. It was awesome to see the young people, who were most creative in their expression, come out for this momentous occasion. I haven't seen so many hippies in one place since the early 70's either. It was the Ben and Jerry's crowd, fer sher. It was heartening yet bittersweet to see rather elderly people marching with signs.

The counter-protesters were rather lame. Our hostess, Red State Blues, aka Cathy, admonished that small gathering of folks and criticized their pathetic turnout rather vocally. I believe I have the video. The only time we actually saw cops with riot gear was near the 50 or so counter protesters. I was not sure who was being protected though. Were the riot cops protecting the war mongers from the peaceniks? I hope not.

I will have pictures and video up sometime tomorrow.
So who went? What did you think?

Thank you Cathy! We love you!

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