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Tuesday, September 20

Bush Lost! Pity.

Bush has finally, officially, lost. He lost because his opponent this time was immune to slander. There were no votes to be manipulated. He lost because this time he had not a single hint of terrorism to link to patriotism. Terrorism and patriotism have been his cloak and shield for the last five years but this time his opponent, Katrina, blew away bush’s cover. Finally some are seeing him for what he really is, the one who lost.

Even Karl Rove couldn’t come up with a scheme to attach this disaster to terrorism, and it’s damned difficult to assassinate the character or family of a hurricane. How do you weaken the strength and power of something like this? Ha! You don’t. You can’t. This is not Rove’s field of expertise. Nature has outwitted the entire administration.

Excuses aren’t holding much water when we had the opportunity to witness the whole thing live. The facts are the facts. We have more facts than they have excuses.

Bush has lost the war of deception. A hurricane appeared and deceived bush into believing he had no responsibility to those Americans in its path. Then, when he wasn’t looking, we were. His final battle caused him to suffer a deadly blow from Mother Nature.

Now there he stands, a man who is exposed in all his ugly ways. He may not have feelings for others, but we must wonder how he feels about himself. He is a man who has failed his country in just about every way possible. He is an outcast in the world. He mumbles and stumbles for all to see but his fans are not buying tickets to his performances any more. His time as a star has passed and the lights are going out.

How long can he live this way? How much more humiliation can he take? How much longer will his lessening tattered followers hang on? No matter how ignorant or dense he may be, he has to know what’s happening to him. His ego will make him aware if nothing else will. The hush over the crowd is no longer a silence of awe. It’s a silence of reality and dismay and disgust. Those who supported him but remained silent to his apparent flaws, now have a pass to allow them to admit that he has failed not only their trust but their country.

I doubt there are many in the world who feel sorry for this damaged man. I doubt tears are being shed as his ineptitude is fully and openly exposed. What’s there to feel sorry for? He has been nothing but a burden and a danger to our country. He has caused much irreparable damage with his gleeful and ignorant handling of our military. He has been responsible for debts none of us will live to see repaid. He took us farther down the road to hell than we ever could have imagined.

He is a human being and thus, some feel he deserves some amount of pity in his fallen state. The only pity here is that he has finally been exposed as a loser and the pity is that it’s five years too late.

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