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Saturday, September 24

Bush is the worst president ever, but the Democrats aren't any better

[Bush] will also visit the U.S. Northern Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Saturday to check up on coordination between federal, state and local authorities. "It's an important relationship, and I need to understand how it works better," said Bush, who last week proposed the federal government and U.S. military have broader responsibility to respond to domestic crises like hurricanes.

It is called "federalism" Mr. President and I recommend that you visit my college government courses where I am scheduled to lecture on it next week. You can sit in my class with my college freshmen and sophomores, take notes, ask questions, and learn some new words like "New Deal" and "Great Society" and review Article I, Sec. 8 and 9 of the Constitution. We will look at the Tenth Amendment "police powers" where states have the authority to deal with local laws concerning health, safety, welfare, and morality.

I would have thought being governor of Texas would have taught you something about federalism, but I guess not.

Because your vision of government is drowning it in a bathtub, I guess you don't see the possibilities of the most powerful government on earth. It is federalism when FEMA comes to New Orleans to save a drowning city or when the military comes to Little Rock to escort school children to classes. It is federalism when tax money is collected by the feds and redistributed to the cities and states to build their infrastructure.

I also teach my students that Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and even Nixon, and Clinton built this country while you and you whoring Republican sons of bitches tear it apart for your business johns. So, put me on one of those radical liberal crazy professor lists so I can write a book and go on a book tour telling everyone what a complete ass you and your followers are. Half this country is too stupid to understand the effect your administration and your Congress and your federal courts have had on this nation. Probably because the Republican budget cuts kept these patriots from going to college. Or they were taught government by some football coach in high school.

May be reality will hit Houstonians when they try to drive back home tomorrow on the highway system you mean spirited self centered thugs have underfunded for years. Our National Guard should be here to help us fill our tanks and get down the road, but you have got them guarding oil pipelines half way around the world while our people can't get gas to outrun a storm.

A word to the Democrats: If one of you cowards doesn't face this federalism issue down and whip these whore's asses, you don't deserve to win. While the hell didn't John Kerry say to Bush, you call me a coward again you drunk bastard and I will knock your teeth out? Why didn't Kerry say, "Mr. President, I am going to take my coat off to show everyone in the world that I don't need someone to whisper in my ear. Why don't you show us what is under your coat? What are you made of?" What the hell are you people afraid of? Losing? Well, you are already acting like losers when you don't stand up to these thugs. What would Harry Truman do? He sure as hell wouldn't be polite about it, either. He told Americans that they should go to hell if they didn't vote for John Kennedy. I would like to see you find your guts and vote against Roberts.

Bush ran on a platform of defending this nation. Yet the terror attacks happened on his watch. He hides from the New Orleans dead by hiding behind the New York dead. And Democrats, you aren't any better because you let him. Where is your prime time television address asking for a Katrina Commission?

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