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Thursday, September 29

Breaking: Roberts To Be Confirmed

WASHINGTON - Chief Justice nominee John Roberts is taking his place as the next leader of the Supreme Court, with a commanding majority of the Senate backing him to lead the court through turbulent social issues that will affect generations to come.


About half of the Senate's Democrats oppose Roberts, saying he could turn out to be as conservative as justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence "Long Dong Silver" Thomas, the Supreme Court anchors on the right.

"I hope I am proved wrong about John Roberts," said Sen. Edward Kennedy the Senate's longtime liberal stalwart. "I have been proved wrong before on my confirmation votes. I regret my vote to confirm Justice Scalia, even though he, too, like Judge Roberts, was a nice person and a smart Harvard lawyer."

The Bush administration wants the Supreme Court to reinstate a national ban on a type of late-term abortion, and the court already has scheduled arguments on whether New Hampshire's parental notification law is unconstitutional because it lacks an exception allowing a minor to have an abortion to protect her health in a medical emergency.

UPDATE: According to Bob Geiger, here are the Dem Senators that voted for him. Did you remember to write to them before hand like I asked you?

Max Baucus (D - MT)
Jeff Bingaman (D - NM)*
Robert Byrd (D - WV)*
Thomas Carper (D - DE)*
Kent Conrad (D - ND)*
Christopher Dodd (D - CT)
Byron Dorgan (D - ND)
Russell Feingold (D - WI)
Tim Johnson (D - SD)
Herb Kohl (D - WI)*
Mary Landrieu (D - LA)
Patrick Leahy (D - VT)
Carl Levin (D - MI)
Joe "Mentum" Lieberman (D - CT)*
Blanche Lincoln, Blanche- (D - AR)
Patty Murray (D - WA)
Bill Nelson (D - FL)*
Ben Nelson (D - NE)*
Mark Pryor (D - AR)
Jay Rockefeller (D - WV)
Ken Salazar (D - CO)
Ron Wyden (D - OR)

The senators with *'s are running for re-election next year.

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