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Wednesday, September 28

Breaking: DeLay Indicted on FELONY CHARGES!

Bob Geiger writes:

News breaking that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been indicted on one count of criminal conspiracy by a Texas grand jury. More later, but these are very serious criminal charges and DeLay is out -- probably by the end of today.

The indictment came on the last day of the grand jury's term and it comes on the heels of indictments of a state political action committee founded by DeLay and three of his political associates.

House Republican Party rules require leaders who are indicted to temporarily step aside from their leadership posts. The Associated Press just report that House Speaker Dennis Hastert is going to appoint California Republican David Dreier to replace DeLay as Majority Leader.

DeLay, of course, has denied any wrongdoing and says that this is all a political attack by Democratic district attorney Ronnie Earle.

But maybe we're finally about to see some justice for these people!


UPDATE: David Dreier is allegedly a closeted homosexual and avid gay basher who has worked tirelessly against gay rights and subsidized housing for those with AIDS for over 20 years.

UPDATE AGAIN: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday unanimously elected Roy Blunt of Missouri as their majority leader, replacing Tom DeLay...

So much for the gay basher.

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