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Monday, August 22

You Have to Break Some Female Eggs to Make a Constitutional Omelet

Yesterday on Meet the Press we heard that if the new Iraqi constitution did not include women’s rights, hey who cares?

Reuel Gerecht basically said that in 1900 women in the US didn’t have the right to vote and if Iraq cobbled together a constitution that didn’t give women their rights that would be swell. He said that women’s rights were not necessary for a democracy.

Who is this guy? Here’s about all you need to know: Link

So let me get this straight. Even though women in Iraq had comparable rights to the women of the west under Saddam’s rule, with our help to “free” them we will be okay with some of those rights being taken away. Are women’s rights in Iraq some of the eggs we have to break to make the constitutional omelet?

This Gerecht said that women’s rights were basically not all that fucking important to a democracy. (No, I can’t find the transcripts yet but if you do, let me know.) I wonder if Mr. Gerecht thought about his statement in advance or if it was so sincere he didn’t even think about how it would sound. Does he feel that way about our American democracy? Do all the neocons feel that way? You know what? I bet they do.

Ladies and gentlemen, is it all a joke? Are women’s rights a joke in Iraq because they are soon to be a joke here in America? Did we go through all this war insanity to leave the women of Iraq worse off than they were before? Is that what Cindy Sheehan’s son died for? Is that what female members of our military died for? Is that it? Is that the kind of “democracy” that people died for? Who the hell changed the definition? If it was good enough for the US in 1900, it’s good enough for Iraq today? No it isn’t!

Via Wolcott Link: “Reuel Marc Gerecht, discussing the forthcoming Iraqi constitution on Meet the Press, August 21: "Women's social rights are not critical to the evolution of democracy. We hope they're there, I think they will be there, but I think we need to keep this perspective."

Yes indeed, let’s do keep this in perspective. Let’s keep in perspective that by doing what we have done women in Iraq may well be shoved back to America, circa 1900. I hardly call that progress. You’ve come a long way baby and now get the hell back where you belong. Is that a regional message or a message to all women? I sure as hell heard it.

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