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Wednesday, August 17

We Should Be So Much Better

No matter the politics, religion, history or attitude, it’s just so sad to watch people be yanked and dragged from their homes. Imagine the state adjacent to yours declares that you must leave your home or you will be forcefully taken away. I find it nightmare material to imagine such a thing. I also do not understand why we are being asked to give two and a half billion dollars to help cover expenses. We should not be involved in this.

So far today over forty people have been killed in Iraq and one American soldier.

The president of the United States is riding his bike very close to where an American mother mourns the death of her son killed in Iraq and the president won’t even talk to her. But, there is another resident of Texas who will run over little crosses erected to represent the Americans killed in Iraq. There’s another resident of Texas who will fire his shotgun into the air to frighten Americans who oppose the Iraqi war.

What happened to kindness? What happened to sanity? Whether it’s Gaza, Iraq, or the US, when did death, harm and tears become the symbol of today’s world? There’s an awful attitude in our world and it seems to become more wretched and more sad with every passing day. Somewhere along the way evil and cruelty replaced the human heart. We are human beings, we should be so much better than that.

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