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Monday, August 29

"We have lost all the gains we made over the past 30 years

Last week bush embarrassed himself by asserting the following regarding women's rights in Iraq. It left me dumbfounded as I didn't know what the hell he was talking about. Apparently he didn't know either because he wasn't exactly sure what Condi told him, so the boy king of malapropisms said this:

THE PRESIDENT: I talked to Condi, and there is not -- as I understand it, the way the constitution is written is that women have got rights, inherent rights recognized in the constitution, and that the constitution talks about not "the religion," but "a religion." Twenty-five percent of the assembly is going to be women, which is a -- is embedded in the constitution.

The Independent reports that the famed woman, Safia Taleb al-Souhail, with the blue finger, in Iraq during the elections has recanted her view on bush. Remember, she was the one who sat next to Laura Bush at bush's SOTU address. Oh how the evil ones love to jump on the propaganda wagon when they find some uninformed person to use as a pawn in their game.

Having seen the negotiations for the country's constitution fall into disarray and the prospect of a secular constitution severely undermined, she [Safia Taleb al-Souhail] expressed her concerns last week.

"When we came back from exile, we thought we were going to improve rights and the position of women. But look what has happened: we have lost all the gains we made over the past 30 years. It's a big disappointment. Human rights should not be linked to Islamic sharia law at all. They should be listed separately in the constitution."
I'm sorry, Safia Taleb al-Souhail. You have my deepest sympathy. If it's any consolation, the bushistas are desperately trying to do the same to women in our country. They have redefined "democracy" here. I salute you for your bravery in coming out against the evil bushista regime. Too bad that the British news picked it up first. I'll do my best to pass along the information to my fellow Americans of good character. - Liz Smith

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