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Wednesday, August 24

A War or A Sacrifice to the Gods of the Dead?

We hear that comments from Cindy Sheehan will cause the mystery people who are blowing up our soldiers to blow up more of them. We hear from one of the scary looking members of the bush administration, of which there are many but in this case I’m talking about Cheney, that the mystery people who are blowing up our soldiers are in their last throes. We hear that if we set a time to leave Iraq the mystery people who are blowing up our soldiers will sit back and wait till we’re gone and then they will pretty much blow up Iraq. We hear from Fox News that because Sen. Hagel said that this bloodbath is looking a lot like Viet Nam, the mystery people who are blowing up our soldiers will blow up more of them. Yesterday we heard from bush himself that "We will finish the task that they gave their lives for." I take that to mean since some soldiers have been killed in this war, more will be killed until the war is finished. Justify the past murder of soldiers with the murder of more soldiers? If no soldiers had been killed so far could they all come home now? What if we run out of soldiers before we get to the "finished" line? What we would like to hear is what the "finished" line looks like exactly, and where might it be.

How will we know when it’s "finished"? What’s the code word for it? First it seemed to be handing over sovereignty to the Iraqi people, then it seemed to be Iraqi elections and for a bit we thought it might be an Iraqi constitution, but I guess that was all just a tease. So really, how will we know when the war is over and how the hell can it end if every time a soldier is killed we have to honor his or her death by sending another soldier to be killed? Is this a war or a sacrifice to the gods of the dead? I think the gods of the dead have had more than enough sacrifices, how about we honor the dead soldiers by protecting the surviving ones and bringing them home? I doubt there has been one single soldier killed in this war who would feel good about another soldier having to die in order to honor him or her.

If you go running blindly down the street and have no idea where you’re going there has to eventually come a time when you come to your senses, stop and question where the hell you’re going and why, otherwise you’ll keep running until you drop dead. Americas have arrived at that point where they are slowly coming to their senses, they are stopping and questioning where the hell they are going and why. They are finally looking behind them and they don’t like what they see. They don’t like the looks of 1800 dead soldiers. They don’t like the looks of thousands of dead, innocent Iraqis. They don’t like the looks of all that bloody American money they see fluttering all over the road, and they particularly don’t like to hear that because those soldiers died to get us to wherever we are, more soldiers must die to get us wherever we’re going. They don’t want to go forward only to look back again and see more and more dead soldiers. We want to stop right here and find out where the hell we are going. If no one knows then lets stay stopped. Let’s consider turning around and going home and let’s bring some living soldiers with us.

Life is too precious and too short to sacrifice anymore of our soldiers to the gods of the dead. The gods of the dead should be more than satisfied right now. It’s time to close the gates to hell and it’s time to admit that those who call for the sacrifice have an easier task if they themselves feel no pain.

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