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Wednesday, August 31

vivisection by television

I just wrote this in one of the comments threads below, and thought maybe that it would encapsulate what it's like, to sit here, two hours away from my home, (even though I moved out at Xmas 2002), and not be able to do a fucking thing about it.

"But to see that great city (for all of its backwardness, inbred behavior and corruption) fall into absolute chaos... I can't look. I'm not watching any more of it on the news. It hurts too much.

I know, I'm a fucking wuss, I should be in such hell myself --- but I don't have any money to send (any money, period, at the moment), and they won't let anybody go down there to help.It's so fucking frustrating... it's like watching people starve, and all you need is to get across the water to feed them.

Maybe after this shit, "Survivor" will finally die out, when people realize that this shit still HAPPENS to REAL PEOPLE, and it's NOT fucking ENTERTAINING!!!"

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