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Thursday, August 11

This Is Only A Test

Pakistan tested a cruise missile without bothering to warn India beforehand that it was only a test. India and Pakistan had an agreement to warn each other about testing missiles but since the agreement didn't cover cruise missiles (which are low flying and undetectable by radar.) The 2 countries agreed that they would set up a hotline to avoid nuclear conflict. On the "bright side", the cruise missile test worked well, "By the grace of Allah, all design parameters for the flight were validated," a military statement said. Yes, good old Allah made sure that the missile was good to go. Now don't you feel better?

In other nuke news, Iran as many of you know went ahead with their nuclear program. Iranian officials broke the IAEA seals on its conversion equipment at its nuclear plant at Isfahan on Wednesday and resumed full operation. The UN is not happy and gave them until September to knock it off or face sanctions. The article goes on to say that Iran may not care about sanctions as their nukes are a source of national pride. Talks are scheduled. Wee doggies.

In even more nuke news, S. Korea said it's ok if N.Korea has nuclear technology as long as it is peaceful: South Korea's main nuclear envoy, Deputy Foreign Minister Song Min-soon, said in an interview Wednesday that Seoul would work with other countries in the six-nation talks "to lay the foundation for North Korea to exercise its rights as a sovereign nation" and use peaceful nuclear technology after it dismantles its weapons program. There was no immediate reaction from the president because he is in hiding at his ranch from angry moms.

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