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Tuesday, August 30

There is a Hell and they need to go there

Already there are reports of looters in the area where Katrina had her way with the Gulf Coast. Stealing food from a torn up market is one thing, if those doing the stealing are hungry. I guess I can sort of understand that, although it still isn’t right, but stealing guns from a pawn shop is so freakin’ wrong and even more freakin’ dangerous in an already dangerous situation.

One man and his family came home to their, ripped to shit, house today only to find his son’s computer and the family television had been taken by looters. Some bottom feeders had seen the house with the tree laying on top of it and in their cave dwelling wisdom decided what little the family had left would now be their own. Humans continually prove themselves to be the best and worst of any animals on earth.

What kind of person takes advantage of another person’s loss? What kind of mind, in the middle of a tragic disaster says, "What can I get out of this"? Is it the same kind of mind that jacks up the price of gasoline, ice and water after a disaster like this? I’d say yes. Anyone who sees this awful destruction and their first thought is, "What’s in it for me"? or, "How can I use this loss for my own gain"?, should be handcuffed and mainlined straight to hell! Oh, you say, there isn’t a hell? Well, yes there is and it’s called Iraq. Catch these disgraceful human beings (?) and send them straight over to the war in Iraq. Last I heard we were a bit short of soldiers to fight in this war, and since these scum suckers have already shown how brave they are by stealing helpless people’s property, I’m sure they would be just as brave on the blood soaked sands of Iraq. Don’t bother sending them to jail; just slap their asses on the next military plane that’s headed for hell.

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