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Friday, August 19

Television Goddess or Guide-ess?

Hello, my name is patricia and I will be your television goddess or guide-ess for the weekend.

These are programs you might enjoy and perhaps they will be educational as well.

Let’s begin tonight. Two of our favorite pieces of wasted human flesh will go up against one another and not in a sexual way (banish the thought). Tonight Bill O’ReallyLie and Miss Ann, guess my sex, Colder than a witch’s mammary, will duke and puke it out on The No Spin Zone. I couldn’t find a link for this but just sniff around, the stench of the bullshit should lead you right to it.

Sunday at 8 pm, CNN will present “Dead Wrong”. I believe this may be a rerun because I see that in April of this year CNN talked about this program as you can see here (LINK).

And finally, National Geographic, on Aug 21 and 22, will show a program titled “Inside 9-11”.

You can learn more about this program here (LINK).

So there you go. I would make one suggestion about this viewing. I strongly believe that previous to watching Bill and Ann tonight you should either smoke or drink something to get you to your happy place. If you can get to your really happy place before the show begins, you just might laugh your ass off as you watch the catapulting of the righteous bullshit.

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