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Thursday, August 25

Team Cindy vs. Team Not Cindy

I’m afraid that, due to the minimal involvement in this war by most Americans, many see it as more of the “big game” rather than a god-awful deadly war. The US vs. Iraq was the first game, and it looks like we aren’t scoring so well there so the American flags have been taken down because no one wants to be associated with a “loser”. Now the public needs a new team, a new game and some new team jerseys and logos. The fans are idle and waiting. Meanwhile, Cindy Sheehan goes to Texas to make a statement about how she feels regarding her son’s death. Others join her for support. Ah, the idle fans see a challenge. Quickly they form team “You Don’t Speak for Me, Cindy” Now the team is on a road trip to Texas for some sort of showdown or game to see who can out shout, out protest or out whatever. To these folks it’s not about the war, it’s not about Cindy’s feelings, it’s all about the game and it’s all about winning something at any cost. If your first team seems to be losing, hell, just pick another team. This is the difference between being dedicated to a cause and being just damned determined to be associated with a “winner”.

Where you have two teams, I guess you have a game. The sad thing is that what began as one mother’s desperate attempt to get true answers from the president of the United States about why there was a war, why her son was sent to fight in that war, and what the plans are for the future, has now been turned into a circus/big game/cheap looking/frivolous disaster. Only in America could sadness and mourning turn into verbal conflict.

Now we have to interview protesters on both sides to keep it “fair and balanced”. Why? Bush is shouting his side of the story almost daily, which is the same story of those who oppose what Cindy is doing and saying. Why can’t the “new team” just listen to their coach and allow Cindy to ask him to speak to her? She wants to be heard by the man who sent her son to war. She has heard that the reasons he gave for invading Iraq have now been proven to be untrue. She wants answers.

Yes, her son volunteered to go into the military but at the time she, and I’m guessing her son, hoped that the president wouldn’t outright lie to them. Now she feels that he did, and she wants to ask him if he did. She isn’t asking for a political game and a political football. She’s just asking for the truth. Bush, on the other hand, seems eager to catapult his parroted propaganda to his supporters but is deaf to someone begging for the truth.

It looks like the beginning of the big game of protesting in Crawford. Sadly, there is no way anyone can win because we’ve all lost too much. This isn’t a game. This is deadly and sadly serious war. Too bad many Americans don’t understand that war is not just a game you see and play on television. Cindy Sheehan and many of us think that perhaps that message should be made clear not only to bush’s supporters but also to bush himself.

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