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Wednesday, August 24

Supporting the Troops

Of course pro-peace/anti-war people support the troops. Duh. We care so much about them that we want this nonsense bush started to be over with as soon as possible so the troops can come home to their families. And to those who say that the anti-war movement is making the US look bad, I say that the war is making us look like monsters. The fact that there is an anti-war movement at all, makes me feel proud to be a citizen and tells the rest of the world that we are not all a bunch of raving war mongers.

Sometimes I wonder why the young people aren't protesting as much as the older people. Since there is no draft and the war is hardly in the news, it really doesn't matter to college students now as much as the Vietnam war mean to students then. I was midway through college when the Vietnam war ended, the disco scene emerged and poof! students were typical apathetic, selfish kids again. It's probably normal though. I remember the change in attitude clearly. It kind of bugged me too- not to mention just how awful the music got. Vietnam vets broke my heart and they still do. No, not that they were bad, but that they had their young lives interrupted. Those of us who remember growing up during the Vietnam years and saying goodbye forever to our classmates, relatives and friends are moved once again. The fight in us hasn't died. Not a bit... well except that I don't think I can do a demonstration like I used to. But you never know.

It's no surprise to me that mom's around America are the ones who are breaking the silence and bringing to light the lies that led up to America's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. We middle aged mom's have kids in Iraq or kids that age who could very well be there if there was a draft. We dread the thought of our babies dying for bush's folly. War mom's kids are my kids. These are the kids in the pictures I took on my son's first day of kindergarten, or kids I minded after school, kids in my CCD class, the kids at the playground in the next swing from my son. We didn't give birth to these children to have them die for bush. From a mother's eye view, many of the troops in Iraq are still babies. Argue with me all you want, but if you're a mom, you know what I mean. Sure I want my almost 20 year old son to grow up and be a man among men. I have no intention of stopping him or getting in his way but if there is a war to be fought, it's going to have to be the one that will take place in this country on our soil when the people (including me) rise up against the cruel corporate government, the faux christians and the (anything but liberal) media. Bush and his ilk will have hell to pay if another "terrorist attack" happens here and if it happens in New York again, no one but no one is going to believe that it was Islamic terrorists.

-Militant Blonde Mommy

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